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"A far more serious problem than 2009." That’ s how Democratic Senator John Arthur Smith who chairs the New Mexico Senate Finance Committee described New Mexico’s Budget deficit to KSFR’s Mary Lou Cooper.

Since 2014 oil and natural gas prices in New Mexico have dropped precipitously.  While consumers welcome the prices at the pump, the impact on the New Mexico budget which typically receives up to 25% of general fund revenue from oil and gas has been devastating.


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St. John’s College is a non-denominational, private liberal arts college with a campus in Santa Fe and one in Annapolis, MD. Students at St. John’s all study the same “great books program,” which teaches philosophy, mathematics, history of science, and language from original texts spanning Homer’s Iliad and Artistotle’s De Anima to Watson & Crick’s 1953 paper on the structure of DNA.

This September, the college inaugurated a new president, Mark Roosevelt. KSFR caught up with Roosevelt on September 20th, following his inauguration ceremony. We asked him about his vision for St. John’s, and about the state of the college in light of it's reported structural deficit.

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New Mexico in Depth data journalist Sandra Fish joins us for a conversation about the NM State Legislature's pending special budget session, and the magnitude of the crisis to be addressed.

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'Bridgegate' is the scandal of an intentional traffic jam that paralyzed the George Washington Bridge three years ago. The jam was created by aides to Governor Chris Christie, who go on trial this week. Today, Dave Marash speaks to Statehouse Correspondent Bob Jordan of the Asbury Park Press to sort out who tied up the busiest highway bridge in America, whom they thought they were punishing, and why.

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In this second of our two-part story, we bring you a conversation with Sybil, a survivor of the Diocese of Gallup sexual abuse. Sybil was also a member of the unsecured creditors' committee that negotiated commitments from the Gallup Diocese to meet non-monetary provisions as a condition of its bankruptcy reorganization.



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The story of the movie Spotlight is the story of clergy sexual abuse and its coverup by the Roman Catholic church in Boston. The similar story of the Diocese of Gallup tells a decades-long history of clergy sexual abuse in a very different place-- large rural swaths of the southwest and Native American communities in particular. In Part I of our two-part story, Ellen Berkovitch speaks with journalist Elizabeth Hardin-Burrola of the Gallup Independent and the National Catholic Reporter about conditions that facilitated predatory behavior.

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Last year, in Brazil and Columbia, the number of Zika cases began to spike and on February 1, the World Health Organization declared an international health emergency.

The very next day, the very first Zika case was reported in the United States, and doctors said the virus was transmitted not by mosquito bite, but by sex. Today, Dave Marash speaks with Seema Yasmin of the Dallas Morning News about how and how quickly the virus spreads.

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More than 5 million Americans live with Alzheimer’s, making it one of the costliest chronic diseases to society. Nearly one in every five Medicaid dollars is spent on treating Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) or other dementias. By the year 2050, this cost to Medicare is projected to rise to one in every three dollars, unless an effective treatment is found.

Last week, an Alzheimer’s expert from MD Anderson Cancer Center held a free public seminar in Santa Fe to inform the public about the most current, and promising research on AD. KSFR’s Dennis Carrol attended the event and brings insights from Jim Ray, director of the research collaboration.

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Last Thursday Martin Salazar and Mercy Lopez reported for the Las Vegas Optic that seven public school personnel licensed by the New Mexico Public Education Department  hold deficient licenses. One of the people named in the investigation is Boris Costa-Guerra who is principal of Kearny Elementary School in the Santa Fe Public Schools. This morning KSFR’s John Calef spoke to former Kearny teacher Ana Swearo. Swearo told KSFR that she and a colleague filed a complaint about Costa-Guerra last spring. 

KSFR also reached out to Robert McEntyre of the Public Education Department. He had not returned calls seeking comment by air time.

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Once again, Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity has been proven correct. In 2015, astronomers in the LIGO/Virgo collaboration announced the first direct detection of waves predicted by Einstein’s 1916 Theory of General Relativity. The theory, which has passed every real-world test to date, says that major cosmic events should produce waves in the fabric of spacetime that propagate throughout the universe like ripples in a pond. The discovery is also making waves in the scientific community, as it promises to open up a new field of astronomy based on “listening” to gravitational waves.

Dr. Gabriela Gonzalez of the LIGO/Virgo collaboration delivers a free public lecture October 19 in Santa Fe, in the ballroom of the El Dorado Hotel. Doors open at 7:00 p.m. and the talk begins at 7:30 p.m. More about the event here.

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