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KSFR's Kate Powell brings you local news at noon. 

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Yesterday we looked at the history of New Mexico’s food and medicine taxes, their repeal, and state lawmakers’ and the governor’s action two years ago to phase-out the state’s subsidy to local governments’ budgets to make up for lost food tax revenue.  We also saw how cities and counties use gross receipts tax revenue to provide basic services like public safety and courts, and the dwindling pot of money from that tax on goods and services.



Today KSFR’s Deborah Martinez looks at the hundreds of organizations that get rebates, deductions, or don’t pay any GRT at all.  While cities and counties throughout the state use the hundreds of millions of dollars raised to pay for police, fire, courts, jails and other basic services, some groups are gearing up to try to reset New Mexico’s tax system to make it more equitable.

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Memorial Day weekend is the culmination of the national Click It or Ticket Campaign to promote seat belt use. Reporter Mary Lou Cooper tells us why it's important to buckle up.  And Juan Rios of the Santa Fe County Sheriff's office talks about what's coming up this weekend.

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On the latest edition of Equal Time, host Martha Burk unpacks some perplexing statements made by Congress about an abortion bill recently passed in the House. 

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While it may not yet feel like summer in Santa Fe, the Railyard is launching a schedule of free summer events for the whole family, which is already getting underway. KSFR's Kate Powell spoke with Santa Fe Railyard events director Sandy Brice about some of the things visitors can look forward to--as well as how the Railyard's role in Santa Fe community life has evolved in recent years. 

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Friday morning's top news stories from KSFR.

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New Mexico's system of taxing goods/services has undergone various changes over the years, and lawmakers in the next session can expect to hear from groups including the NM Assoc. of Counties on a proposal to revamp the state's gross receipts tax to make it more equitable or "flat;" ensuring everyone pays their fair share.  


In a two-part series on KSFR, Deborah Martinez looks at how we got here from 2004 when the tax on food and medicine was eliminated, how attempts to reinstitute that tax have failed - along with the state's promise to uphold revenue to cities and counties - and efforts to reform what many are calling a broken gross receipts tax system.

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KSFR's Kate Powell brings you local news at noon. 

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As we approach Memorial Day weekend, travel will be at its highest volume in a decade. The American Automobile Association or AAA says that's because gas prices are relatively low and disposable income is higher than in recent years.  Mary Lou Cooper brings us the story.

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Taos will play host to the New Mexico District Four Little League Tournaments this summer, and that’s welcome economic news. KSFR’s Melody Romancito has the story. 

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