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This year is the 60th anniversary of Girls Inc, an organization that helps girls to become strong smart and bold. KSFR’s Kate Powell talks to New Mexico Girls Inc Executive  Director Kim Brown.

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At a time when New Mexico is usually experiencing its first fires of the season, we’re instead seeing severe thunderstorms and flooding across some parts of the state. Karen Takai is the new spokesperson for the New Mexico Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. She says that regardless of the weather event, being prepared for any natural disaster is key. 

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It is almost 21 years since the world's worst outbreak of genocidal mass murder ravaged the central African nation of Rwanda, but just last month newly released government documents provided new insights into why America resisted request to intervene to stop the slaughter.   Reporter Colum Lynch of foreignpolicy.com broke the story.  He told KSFR's Dave Marash on HERE AND THERE about a cable from a human rights specialist on the National Security Council Eric Schwartz to his Council colleague Susan Rice calling her attention to the Rwanda violence.

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Wednesday morning's top news stories from KSFR.

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