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The New Mexico Department of Transportation is close to wrapping-up an update to its Statewide Long-Range Multimodal Transportation Plan. The draft plan has been the subject of numerous public meetings and opportunities for citizen input. KSFR's Tom Trowbridge spoke with Claude Morelli, the Project Manager for the Plan. Morelli says a new focus on asset management is a departure from previous long-range plans adopted by the NMDOT.

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With summer here, the annual Music On The Hill at Saint John's College kicks off tonight at 6pm. KSFR's Kate Powell talked to Douglas Maahs, chairman of the board of advisors for Music On The Hill, about how best to enjoy this summer's schedule of free concerts, and about what's new this year.


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It started in April 2012, when a dozen Secret Service agents advancing a trip by President Obama to Colombia were caught carousing with prostitutes.  It turns out the misbehavior of Secret Service agents back at least another 5 years. What started with the Columbia caper was the investigative reporting of Carol Leonnig of the Washington Post, which won her a second Pulitzer Prize in the last 2 years.  What she found, Leonnig told KSFR's Dave Marash on HERE AND THERE, was a Secret Service culture of cover-up and denial whenever the team responsible for the President's protection did something wrong.  A more recent example was the March 2015 incident in which two very high-ranking agents, both suspected of being drunk, used their car to nudge aside a security barricade and almost ran over a suspected bomb left in front of the White House. The whole misadventure went officially un-reported until Leonnig broke the story.


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After failing to pass a bill in the 60-day Legislative session to fund construction projects across New Mexico, state lawmakers made a second attempt and passed a bill in a one-day special session that will put people to work.  KSFR’s Deborah Martinez has more on that bill and two others on the agenda.

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The use of militarized drones has not transformed the battlefield. That from RAND Corporation military analyst Lynn Davis, who told KSFR's Dave Marash on HERE AND THERE, that  because they can only be used against enemies, like terrorist groups, they lack modern air defense systems.  But, when Dave noted that that the impunity drones give to their launchers has made it politically easier for leaders to go to war, Davis responded.


Here and There airs Monday-through-Thursday on KSFR, right after the five o’clock news.

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Women’s World Cup Soccer tournament got underway this weekend in Canada, amidst a scandal surrounding FIFA’s leadership.  The BBC’s Alex Capstick looks at the cup’s launch including the controversy regarding artificial turf.

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Wednesday morning's top news stories from KSFR.

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