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Like it or not, there comes a time when you have to name the best film of the year. David D'Arcy says that it's "Moonlight" by Barry Jenkins, which is currently showing at the Center for Contemporary Arts cinema in Santa Fe. Here's his review.

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Today is Politics Thursday with Sandra Fish, data journalist for New Mexico In Depth. She and Ellen Berkovitch preview what’s been pre-filed for the upcoming legislative session, where the sky’s the limit for new bills. But the budget deficit also remains sky-high at a projected $600 million.

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Last winter marked the warmest December through February on record for the lower 48 states. So what’s in store for us this winter?  Mary Lou Cooper brings us the story.

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Yesterday the Taos News reported that the Embudo Valley Library needs support to retain its current level of services such as the services that Lucia Duncan reported on in her October story “It Takes a Library.” Ellen Berkovitch reached Embudo Valley Library director Felicity Fonseca this morning for more on the situation there.

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La La Land is a rare species, a studio musical, set in, and often on the streets of Los Angeles.  New Yorker David D’Arcy fought the Oscar awards traffic jams to see La La Land, which opens Christmas Day at Violet Crown. Here’s his review. 


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Deborah Begel brings us this part two of her reporting on the opioid crisis plaguing communities and families nationwide, and paths out of the darkness.


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Khristaan Villela, director of the Museum of International Folk Art, discusses the Alexander Girard collection and how the designer built it to his own specifications.

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Sandra Fish of New Mexico In Depth discusses the resignation of Taxation and Revenue Department Secretary Demesia Padilla.

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Apprenticeships, as Jenna Marshall reports in this story for KSFR News, are not very well represented in US employment: Roughly two-tenths of a percent of all workers are apprentices, and those people work mainly in the construction trades. But in New Mexico this seems to be changing thanks to the co-incidence of federal money and state initiatives that are applying apprenticeship training to the workforce needs of both employers, and wage earners in our state.

Note: Interviewee Robert Schwartz co-directs the Pathways to Prosperity Network, which works with states to synch education programs with labor markets.

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KSFR recently got a call from Dr. Alison Moriarty Daley of the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners. She spoke with Jenna Marshall, about the latest recommendations surrounding the HPV vaccine. The HPV vaccine protects against the cancer-causing human papillomavirus and is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics for children aged 11 and older.

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