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The Hero, with Sam Elliott, is about icons and aging. It’s also about the American West. It opens Friday at the CCA and David D’Arcy has this review.

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Early this week, the New Mexico Department of Health reported two recently confirmed cases of plague in Santa Fe County, bringing the total for reported cases in the county and state this year to three. Those cases occurred this month in two women and one man, all in their 50s or 60s. All were hospitalized and will fortunately survive.

Plague crops up with some regularity each summer around northern New Mexico. In fact, by national standards the state is a hotbed for the disease, with 70 percent of plague infections in the United States reported here. According to the State Health Department, 2015 and 16 each saw four cases reported; one of the 2015 cases proved fatal.

Dylan Syverson spoke to Dr. Kenneth Gage of the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, who gave me some background on the disease and offered strategies for prevention.

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Ellen Berkovitch chatted with KSFR's frequent arts contributor David D'Arcy as he prepared to fly back to New York from Wisconsin, where he had viewed work by prolific Milwaukee outsider artist Eric Von Breunchenhein.

They discussed the state of art galleries today, from the Santa Fe locals to the worldwide giants that dot moneyed capital cities across the West and Asia.

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The annual cross-country Air Race Classic, one of the largest competitions in the world of women's aviation, soared from Frederick, Maryland, to the Santa Fe Municipal Airport last week. KSFR's Dylan Syverson reported from the tarmac as the race was winding down last Friday.

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Recently, more than 100 people gathered to hear about a new solution to providing wrap-around services and a place to live for Santa Fe’s homeless residents.  Though the idea hasn’t gelled, yet, participants—many from existing social service nonprofits—voiced support for the vision of a 10-to-15-acre home campus. The One Door blueprint is based on a program in Texas that’s aimed at reducing or even eliminating homelessness.  KSFR’s Deborah was at the meeting and brings us the story.

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When we talk about the health of the economy, we often focus on the availability of employment. But what about the quality of the jobs that are out there?

Here's KSFR's consumer reporter Mary Lou Cooper on the best and worst states for jobs across the country.

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This week on Science Monday we have both a Science feature and some news about a new company bringing a force field of economic development to Santa Fe. The company is Descartes Labs. The CEO and co-founder is Mark Johnson. After being founded in Los Alamos they opened new headquarters in Santa Fe two weeks ago today.

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Finally today we have an analog story about a tradition still flourishing in Cochiti Pueblo.  Drum-maker Arnold Herrera and his family are helping to preserve an ancient culture by keeping  the heart of the drum beating.  KSFR's Ellen Lockyer reports.

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Tony McCarty has been ED of Kitchen Angels for the past 24 years. Martha Romero is a board member. They joined me to talk over Kitchen Angels' 25th anniversary, and the rigors and rewards of delivering 170 meals a day to homebound adults in Santa Fe.


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Recently hired city Economic Development Director Matthew Brown sat down with KSFR's Julian Paras and Dylan Syverson to discuss his background and what he hopes to contribute in shaping Santa Fe's economic future.

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