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Tom Trowbridge has the latest from the Navajo Times

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The August 31st show.

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A panel of Alexandra Ladd, the Director of the City of Santa Fe's Office of Affordable Housing; Zane Fischer, CEO of Extraordinary Structures; and William Mee, president of the Agua Fria Village Association, joined me to talk about issues of affordable housing in Santa Fe where the shortage is estimated as 2400 affordable rental housing units.

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How much does the public deserve to know about how police departments handle officer misconduct cases? That question has come up in light of a recent case that saw a Santa Fe Sergeant retire before SFPD finished an investigation of his incendiary social media posts. Host Hannah Colton discusses with investigative reporters Matt Grubs and Jeff Proctor.

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This weekend in Taos people will be dancing and singing, walking and running, praying and fasting -- all in support of the young people of the community.

It’s the 7th Annual Regeneration Festival in Taos, and we have two of its organizers on the line now. 

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The Executive Director and the Land Use and Development Director of Santa Fe Housing Trust join me to talk affordable housing.

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it’s time for Science Monday and a topic that many of us can probably relate to— the noisy environment. As we blip, beep and bling our way through the day—not to mention sneezing, crumpling, chewing and honking—what does that mean for the ecosystems and the creatures who live in them with and among us? I spoke to Rachel Buxton of Colorado State University.

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More than 300 workers at the Hanford nuclear facility in Washington may have been exposed to airborne radioactive contamination. That in a leak at Hanford on June 8th. Ellen Lockyer speaks to Greg Mello for more on that—and an alarming new proposal potentially bringing more radioactive waste to New Mexico.

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