President Obama’s “Clean Power Plan” unveiled Monday produced the first set of emission-reduction requirements for the nation's existing coal-fired power plants that will be monitored by the Environmental Protection Agency. KSFR spoke with two New Mexico environmental organizations about the President’s plan, and how the new rules will impact our state's energy future. 


We asked New Mexico’s largest utility, Public Service Company of New Mexico, for its thoughts on the President’s proposal.  PNM Resources’ Chairman, President and CEO Pat Vincent-Collawn issued a statement that says, in part:


“PNM is committed to reducing emissions and increasing the use of cleaner resources in ways that keep electric prices affordable for our customers and ensure the reliability of the electric system. We still have to review the plan in detail, but we are encouraged that EPA’s emission rate for New Mexico is not significantly different from the proposed rule and that EPA has provided additional time for states to submit plans and for utilities to comply.”



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