2 years ago, 15 New Mexico Behavioral Health Care providers had their Medicaid accreditation invalidated by the State Human Services Department (HSD) for what state officials called "credible accusations of fraud."  But the auditor who examined the agencies, PCG, made no such allegations. And to this date, almost none of the charges have been revealed to the accused agencies...most of whom have gone out of business. Investigative reporter Trip Jennings of New Mexico In Depth told Dave Marash on HERE AND THERE, that some of the most dramatic divergences from standards of due process seem to have occurred in one of 3 cases that have been settled, the case involving Presbyterian Medical Group. So, far 12 of the 15 cases remain in limbo, no charges filed, no facts divulged, but one provider, cleared by a state judge, says it's going to sue the state for damages.

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