In August 2015 the Washington Post reported that shortly after Donald Trump declared his candidacy for president in June, Trump adviser Roger Stone wrote 13-page memo. That memo urged Trump onto a talking point that “the system is rigged against the citizens.”  Trump once uttered the word rigged seven times in just over a minute to describe the US political system.


In August, Trump claims that the presidential election would be “rigged” began to catch fire in his stump speeches, These claims have fed into the views of antigovernment militaristic groups including The Oath Keepers. Elmer Stewart Rhodes, a Yale Law School graduate, founded the Oath Keepers in 2009. The group's manifesto that includes a list of “10 Orders We Will Not Obey.”


On October 25th Rhodes commanded his followers to go undercover to the polls on election day. He spoke to KSFR's Mary Lou Cooper.

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