The U-S Supreme Court’s new term, which began today, is widely expected to see Justices jump right back into high-profile constitutional battles like voting rights, affirmative action and the death penalty, as well as a new attack on public-sector labor unions. And the New York Times reports the Court may well agree to take up issues of abortion and contraception again, in cases that could further strip away reproductive rights.

Among the notable in its most recent session, the high court ruled that same-sex marriage is granted by the Constitution. It also decided the Environmental Protection Agency violated the Clean Air Act in a case on mercury emissions from power plans. The Court’s majority ruled the agency had failed to undertake a cost-benefit analysis in deciding whether to set limits on emissions of mercury and other toxic pollutants from power plants. University of New Mexico Law Professor Cliff Villa thinks there will be a final rule to address mercury and other toxic air substances from the power plants under the clean air act, and that the EPA will provide the court-requested information.

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