Reel Fathers, now seven years strong, is a local organization focusing on empowering fathers to be involved in their families as active co-parents, as well as supporting youth in understanding their relationships with their fathers, through storytelling. Reel is spelled R-E-E-L, like a film reel, because the organization primarily uses video and film to catalyze dialogue among fathers and families. And the leaders of Reel Fathers have joined forces with the United Way's new Early Learning Center to bring Santa Fe a special new program. Reel Fathers director Deborah Bolt and program facilitator Roberto Aponte sat down with Elsa on a recent edition of KSFR's Nuestra America. They said the power of Reel Fathers lies not only in the relationships between fathers and their children, but also in the way that fathers of young children learn from each other. 

To sign up for Fathers In Focus, Deborah Bolt says you can call the Early Learning Center at 505-819-5484, or stop by the program's kickoff event at 3164 Agua Fria Street tonight, Tuesday the 6th, at 5:10 PM. 

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