The Boston Globe has reported that 88 percent of American teens ages 13 to 17 have a mobile phone. Seventy-three percent of the teens have smartphones. And of that number, 24 percent say they go online “almost constantly.”


Robert Nott reported in today’s Santa Fe New Mexican that Monte del Sol Charter School in Santa Fe is almost halfway through its first school-year policy of banning cell phone use at the school.


This is a big issue nationwide as well. Some US classrooms have embraced a teaching shift that finds students practicing BYOD – bring your own device – to school.


But there is no nationwide consensus on whether classrooms should be full of phones or free of them. The New York Department of Education lifted a decade-long ban on cellphones in classrooms in 2015. Boston Public Schools prohibit them.  In Santa Fe Public Schools it’s decided by each school’s administration.


Robert Jessen is head learner of Monte del Sol. He said the idea for their ban came from his visit in 2015 to Oakland Unity High School.

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