Renting a room or an apartment has always been an option for travelers. The rental option can offer many conveniences and typically comes at a bargain price. Recently, with the proliferation of web sites such as AirBnB, VRBO and Craigslist, the number of short term rentals has exploded.

However, the increased options for travelers usually means that cities lose important sources of revenue, in New Mexico it’s the lodgers’ and city gross receipts taxes. New York, New Orleans, and Paris are among cities around the world currently grappling with the issue and trying to come up with fair and equitable responses for all concerned. Santa Fe is the latest city looking at the issue and seeking a solution.

Tonight, the City Council will consider a resolution from Councilor Joseph Maestas that would get the ball rolling here. KSFR's Alan Dee takes a look at the local situation and outlines the possible response.

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