Heinrich to keynote weekend symposium at SFCC

"New Mexico senator Martin Heinrich will be the keynote speaker at an important symposium at the Santa Fe Community Community College on Friday.  KSFR news reporter Charles Maynard has the story."

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 Holiday celebrations often bring holiday thievery. Tips to keep your belongings safe.

Now that the holiday season is in full swing, shoppers are out in force buying presents for their Grandma Janes, Uncle Daves and Aunt Margarets.  Unfortunately, it’s also a wonderful time of the year for thieves and nere-do-wells.  KSFR reporter Mary Lou Cooper talks with Celina Espinoza at the Santa Fe Police Department to find out what law enforcement is doing about Christmas crime.

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Land Commissioner Ray Powell is calling New Mexico's recount process flawed

New Mexico Land Commissioner Ray Powell is calling the recount process flawed in this year’s election. With a difference of roughly 700 votes between he and his Republican challenger Powell has asked the New Mexico Supreme Court to make sure they are following state law and counting every vote.

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