Local news at noon from KSFR.

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The Sporting Life hosted by Daniel DeFrancesco.

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New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez helped the American Cancer Society in promoting its “Suits and Sneakers” coaches challenge on Monday. Tom Trowbridge covered the event from the Roundhouse.

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It is a month since the release of the Senate Intelligence Committee's majority report on the CIA's used of terror after 9/11 was grabbing headlines and stirring debate.  But already, the deeply-documented report seems to be sliding into oblivion.  Karen Greenberg, head of the Center for National Security at Fordham University Law School told KSFR's Dave Marash on Here and There, part of the report's problem is that it largely contradicts a false "success" story that has been sold by the CIA, the White House and Hollywood. 


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Last month, the Republican Party of New Mexico’s State Central Committee chose Party officers who’ll serve for the next two years. The Committee had to find a successor to John Billingsley, who had led the party through the 2014 election and selected Debbie Maestas as the new chair.  Maestas, from Albuquerque, has a background in business. She’s also the daughter of Allen Weh, the 2014 GOP Senate candidate.Tom Trowbridge spoke with Maestas about her new post

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Monday morning's top news stories from KSFR.

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