Last week we looked at the history of the behavioral health system for the poor in New Mexico, and the closure of an Arizona firm paid millions of dollars to take over operations of services in the southern part of the state. That statewide shake-up resulting from a state-funded secret audit of 15 mental health providers accused of fraud put most of the non-profits out of business and left thousands of fragile Medicaid patients without care. Some of the counselors left for the private sector, some were not rehired by the Arizona companies, and client relationships were disrupted as the new firms took over. KSFR’s Deborah Martinez looks at what mental health treatment actually means, and he introduces us to one woman caught in the eye of the storm, who along with other advocates, is looking to state legislators to fill the gap of services.

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The first salvos have been fired in the battle over so-called “right to work” legislation at the New Mexico State Capitol.  As we hear in this report from Tom Trowbridge at the Roundhouse, a bill sponsored by Logan Republican Representative Dennis Roch being heard by the House Business and Employment Committee, brought testimony both pro and con on the issue.

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Legislators across the West are discussing whether public lands should be managed by the Federal Government or by states. New Mexico Sportsmen and other outdoor enthusiasts are rallying today in opposition to any transfer of public lands.

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Abigail Adler brings you local news at noon. 

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Thursday morning's top news stories from KSFR.

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