New Mexico’s Attorney General Hector Balderas last week released an audit alleging Medicaid overbilling by more than a dozen New Mexico behavioral health providers several years ago that until recently remained secret.  KSFR’s Deborah Martinez spoke with the Attorney General regarding the next steps. She brings us the first of a two-part interview, beginning with his overall goals over the next four years.

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Last weekend, a three-year old boy in Albuquerque accidentally shot his parents. Accidental shootings such as this typically raise questions regarding access to firearms. And, as we hear in this report from KSFR reporter Randy Scott, efforts related to guns continue to be a topic of interest to those attending legislative hearings.

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When it comes to pay-day, and auto title loans in the State of New Mexico, not even the sky's the limit on interest rates.  University of New Mexico Law School Professor Nathalie Martin told Dave Marash on HERE AND THERE, she's documented New Mexico loans that cost borrowers more than 1000% a year.  In 2007, the US Congress protected military service personnel and their families from this kind of predatory lending.  The law, Martin said, isn't perfect, but it could help model an interest rate cap to protect poor New Mexicans.



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KSFR's Abigail Adler brings you local news at noon.

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Tuesday morning's top news stories from KSFR.

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