KSFR's Zelie Pollon brings you local news at noon. 

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The State Senate is considering separate bills that would offer financial assistance to military retirees and the families of ailing New Mexicans. KSFR's Tom Trowbridge has the story. 

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In his State of the City address last week, Mayor Javier Gonzales announced a proposal to convert single-occupancy public restrooms in Santa Fe to gender-neutral restrooms. He told Santa Feans that the proposal was a response to the needs of the local transgender community. The announcement sparked some confusion among Santa Feans. In an article in the Santa Fe New Mexican, business owners questioned whether the issue is significant enough to warrant the Mayor's attention, potentially at the expense of other important topics. But according to Adrien Lawyer, director of the New Mexico Transgender Resource center, this issue has a broader impact than most people realize. KSFR's Kate Powell reports.

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Benjamin Franklin said that nothing is certain in life but death and taxes.  And each year, our taxes certainly seem to get more complicated.  So much so that more than half of US taxpayers hire a professional when tax time rolls around.  Because these tax preparers have access to our most sensitive financial information, finding someone we trust is critical.  Reporter Mary Lou Cooper begins a series on taxes today beginning with Brian Watson from the Phoenix Field Office of the Internal Revenue Service. He’ll help us pick the best tax preparers. 

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The process of civil forfeiture has been used to take some $2 billion from American citizens who have never been charged with a crime, much less tried and convicted. Albuquerque attorney Brad Cates helped administer a toughened-up civil forfeiture program as a Justice Department official in the Reagan era.  But he told KSFR's Dave Marash on HERE AND THERE, he now wants to see civil forfeiture abolished. Among his reasons, the proceeds of civil forfeitures have been used by state and local police departments to buy everything from party boats and maragarita slushee machines to military equipment like machine guns and armored vehicles. 

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Wednesday morning's top news stories from KSFR.

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