KSFR's Kate Powell brings you local news at noon. 

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A military veteran’s respite center has opened in Taos. KSFR’s Melody Romancito has the story.

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Six years ago, a woman out walking with her dog on the West Mesa of Albuquerque discovered what turned out to be one of the largest crime scenes in American history: a mass grave containing the bodies of 11 murdered young women.  Most of the dead women had been missing for years before their bodies were found.  Not much progress was made in the investigation, until recently, when the Albuquerque Police Department announced they had two men under investigation for the murders. One, Lorenzo Montoya, was long dead; the other, Joseph Blea, is in jail.  Investigative reporter Diana Washington Valdez of the El Paso Times, who is still working this story, put the announcement in context for KSFR's Dave Marash on HERE AND THERE. 

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When Indiana Republican Governor Mike Pence last week signed into law the Religious Freedom Restoration Act -- which effectively allows businesses to discriminate against the lesbian Gay bisexual transgender communities -- he clearly didn't anticipate the response. Indiana has since argued that the law is very similar to many other states, including New Mexico. Which is not true. We have with us today Steven Robert Allen, Director of Public Policy for the New Mexico American Civil Liberties Union to tell us more about New Mexico's Law and how it differs from what is being discussed in Indiana.

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Wednesday morning's top news stories from KSFR--No Fooling!

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