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Since 1948 when the first Arab-Israeli agreement was reached establishing a two-state region in the Middle East, continuing conflict has dominated news reports.  But at the same time many non-governmental agencies have been working to reach peace.  One of those is the Santa Fe-based group, Creativity for Peace.  The non-profit works in the West Bank and in New Mexico, bringing teenaged girls together at its summer camp here in a peaceful setting where they can share their stories, learn mediation skills, and get to know one another. KSFR’s Deborah Martinez has more on their fifth annual cultural celebration for peace.

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New Mexico has a poor reputation when it comes to crimes of violence.  It seems that parts of our culture, if not actively encouraging such behavior, do not do as well as they could in preventing it.  And recently, we have been hearing more about human trafficking, which is itself yet another form of violence, often sexually-oriented. 


However, there are organizations dedicated to helping the victims of such events. And right here in Santa Fe we have one such group which is working on the front line. KSFR’s David King met with the Executive Director of Santa Fe’s Solace Crisis Treatment Center to talk about their work.



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In this week’s edition of “The Sporting Life,” host Dan DeFrancesco discusses life lessons he’s learned from sports.

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Monday morning's top news stories from KSFR.

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