A local organization that puts a youthful twist on climate activism wants to expand its reach outside of Santa Fe--and it's throwing a party to help make that happen. KSFR's Kate Powell has the story. 

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Santa Fe’s nonprofit animal shelter has joined with other groups across the country to rein in the proliferation of feral, or wild cats having kittens and creating public nuisances and health hazards.  As KSFR’s Deborah Martinez reports in this two-part series, the Gatos program, as it’s called, has resulted in smaller numbers of feral cats in Santa Fe, and increasing community support.

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It's getting to be back to school time in Turkey, too, and rarely have education issues been so hotly disputed.  That's because the Turkish government is shutting secular public schools and re-opening them as Sunni religious schools called imam-hatips.  Istanbul-based journalist Xanthe Ackerman explained to KSFR's Dave Marash on HERE AND THERE how big a change that represents.

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Thursday morning's top news stories from KSFR.

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