KSFR's John Calef brings you local news at noon. 

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The Affordable Care Act’s essence is to provide health insurance to more Americans,  and expand coverage for low-income and the elderly who either didn’t qualify or couldn’t afford expensive prescriptions.  A study released today by Families USA shows two-times as many poor people in states like New Mexico are now covered since Medicaid expansion than in states that did not expand it.  And as KSFR’s Deborah Martinez reports in the final installment of her series on the ACA, there is more oversight of the insurance industry here than before passage of the health law six years ago.

Santa Fe’s Christus St. Vincent final enrollment event is this Saturday, beginning at 9a and running through 3’oclock in the afternoon.  Consumers can also apply online through Sunday night, at BeWellnm.com.

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There’s a proposal in the New Mexico Legislature this session that if approved by lawmakers and state voters would forever change the nature of political primary elections. Tom Trowbridge has the story.

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You may know Jason Silverman as Cinematheque director at the CCA in Santa Fe. But he's also a filmmaker: he co-wrote, directed and produced a new documentary, SEMBENE! (SEM-BEN) , about the life and career of Ousmane Sembene, one of the most significant figures in Senegalese cinema and literature. 

The film, a collaboration with Sembene biographer Samba Gadjigo, was named "One of the top 18 films of Sundance" in 2014 and last year made its international premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. KSFR's Kate Powell spoke with Jason and brings us this story. 

Jason Silverman, co-creator of Sembene! 

Sembene Opens tomorrow night in Santa Fe with its premiere at the Lensic theatre at 7pm.

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Continuing his series of reviews of nominees for Best Animated feature at the Academy awards, KSFR Correspondent Jeremy Zeilik takes a look at the Brazilian import Boy and The World.

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More than 50-thousand New Mexicans have enrolled in health insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act that President Barak Obama signed into law in March of 2010.  The deadline to sign up for this year or face penalties, is January 31st—this Sunday.  But for people who haven’t had health insurance in years, if ever, finding the best and most affordable plan is a daunting task.  There is no cost to get one-on-one assistance with the healthcare application, whether it’s in-person, or online.  Deborah Martinez reports on New Mexico’s healthcare exchange, in part two of our series on the Affordable Care Act.

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A coalition of pro-choice advocates marshalled their forces at the state Capitol Tuesday in hopes of fending off any anti-abortion measures that may be introduced in the Legislature this session. KSFR’s Dennis Carroll has the story.

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One week into this years legislative session and KSFR spoke with several Senate leaders about theiur thoughts and priorities on how this 30-day budget session was progressing. KSFR's Zelie Pollon first spoke with Democratic Senate Majority Whip Michael Padilla.

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This week, in Your Money Decisions, Kate Stalter continues last week’s theme of managing your risk. It’s imperative that investors understand whether their investments are in line with their tolerance for the current roller coaster ride.


Kate is the personal-finance columnist for the Santa Fe New Mexican, and an investing columnist at U.S. News & World Report, Forbes, Morningstar and TheStreet.com. She also blogs and hosts a podcast at BetterMoneyDecisions.com.

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KSFR's John Calef brings you local news at noon. 

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The deadline to sign up for health insurance coverage for 2016 is Sunday.  One way to enroll is through a website called BeWellNM.com.  That site also provides lists of experts who can help people pick the best plan for their situation and budget. 

KSFR’s Deborah Martinez brings us a series of reports on the healthcare law that went into effect in 2010.  She’ll look at the history of the Affordable Care Act, how it has evolved and been challenged, and how one middle-class family’s odyssey was affected by key provisions of the law.

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The pain and suffering that Alzheimer's disease causes its victims is well known. But what about the financial hardship that the disease causes the victim's families? Dr. Amy Kelley of Mount Sinai Medical Center told KSFR's Dave Marash on HERE AND THERE about the realities of caring for an Alzheimer's patient.

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In this edition of Medical Insights, Dr. Erica Elliott discusses ways to detoxify your body, particularly after airline travel.

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KSFR's John Calef brings you local news at noon. 

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In Washington, there are efforts underway by Congress to approve steps toward election reform in hopes of increasing transparency and openness in our nation’s political system. KSFR’s Tow Trowbridge brings us this report.

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As we cover voices and groups from Santa Fe’s state capitol during this year’s legislative session, we hear today from New Mexicans who gathered for Public Lands Day held on Friday.

KSFR will be following any proposed land Transfer bills along with all others during this legislative session.

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Access to the Internet is a defining part of today's world. But not all Americans enjoy the same level of access. Sree Sreenivasan, chief digital officer of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, told  KSFR's Dave Marash on HERE AND THERE why America's digital divide matters and how it affects the disconnected, particularly African-Americans and Native Americans.

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In this edition of The Sporting Life, host Daniel J reflects on winter storm Jonas, and the way he used to amuse himself during winter weather as a child on the East Coast. 

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KSFR's John Calef brings you local news at noon. 

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One local political journalist was taken aback at the Roundhouse Tuesday when he learned that he might not be allowed into the Senate Print Media gallery, because his work is published on a blog.

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All the relatives gone home after the holidays and you’re still longing for a booze-infused game of Risk or Pictionary? Well don’t get your Scrabble tiles all in a heap. KSFR’s Dennis Carroll stopped by the Jean Cocteau Theater’s new Wednesday Games Night, and picked up a few Clues from some of the players.

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KSFR correspondent Jeremy Zeilik brings us this review of one of the Academy Award nominees for best animated picture, Anomalisa.

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SUGGESTED INTRO: For the TWENTY FIVE years it was on air, Nick News explained world events to kids. Linda Ellerbee, the host and writer of Nick News, told KSFR's Dave Marash on HERE AND THERE about how the show got started.

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KSFR's John Calef brings you local news at noon. 

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Yesterday we brought you part one of a story about an undocumented immigrant worker in Farmington who has been denied her state income tax rebates for years--due to a so-called "discrepancy" in the information she provided to the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department. That taxpayer is one of potentially thousands of immigrant taxpayers in New Mexico receiving menacing letters instead of rebates on their overpaid taxes. In Part Two, Kate Powell talks to immigrant advocates from MALDEF and Somos Un Pueblo Unido about the larger consequences of this TRD policy. 

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Since police agencies need a search warrant to rummage through your file cabinets in your home or office, some say it should be made clear that they should be subject to the same restrictions when it comes to your personal electronic data. A bill introduced in the state Legislature this week would require just that. KSFR’s Dennis Carroll filed this report from the Roundhouse.

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Tomorrow marks the forty-third anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court Case known as Roe versus Wade that legalized abortion.  Yesterday afternoon Catholics and other Christians attended a mass at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis in Santa Fe, before marching to the state capitol on the second day of the New Mexico State Legislature.  KSFR’s Deborah Martinez reports on the event and this year’s efforts to impose restrictions on a woman’s right to choose.

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KSFR's John Calef brings you local news at noon. 

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If you’ve ever overpaid your income taxes, you’ve probably received a tax rebate. That is, if you’re a US citizen. As KSFR learned, many of New Mexico’s thousands of undocumented immigrant taxpayers haven’t received state income tax rebates since 2012. Instead, they’ve received streams of letters claiming they owe New Mexico Taxation and Revenue hundreds or even thousands of dollars in back taxes. 

The issue is the subject of a pair of civil lawsuits against TRD secretary Demesia Padilla, brought by immigrant families, Somos Un Pueblo Unido, and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund. KSFR’s Kate Powell brings you the first in a two-part series on how this problem has taken root, and what’s being done to end it.  

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We’ve heard the statistics about New Mexico: last in job growth, highest unemployment rate, last in child well-being, and most recently, the state fell to 50th in the nation for child poverty.  Governor Susana Martinez’s State of the State address at the Roundhouse yesterday didn’t mention those numbers, and instead painted a rosier picture.  While her speech received rousing applause from supporters, critics shot much of it down, as we hear from KSFR’s Deborah Martinez.

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This week, in Your Money Decisions, Kate Stalter talks about how your emotions can actually help you understand whether you are taking too much risk with your money. That’s especially important at times like these, as stock markets have become more volatile!

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KSFR's John Calef brings you local news at noon. 

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New Mexico this year ranks number one for child poverty in the nation, and is ahead of only Mississippi in overall child well-being. KSFR’s Kate Powell spoke with Dr. Veronica Garcia about the latest Kids Count report, which is released each year on the first day of the legislative session.

Dr. Veronica Garcia raises two issues KSFR News covered in 2015: child poverty and predatory lending. To hear Deborah Martinez's three-part series on child hunger, Click Here. To listen to Dave Marash's report on predatory lenders in New Mexico, Click Here. 

In light of New Mexico's dismal record on child well-being, Senators Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich today called on the legislature to put a Constitutional Amendment on the ballot to improve the well-being of children in the state.

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One might title this story A Tale of Two Malls. For one, some are saying, “There goes the neighborhood.”  For the other it’s more, “Happy Days are Here Again.”  KSFR’s Dennis Carroll has this report on the great merchant migration from the Sanbusco shopping center to DeVargas mall.

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A week after his death many are still reeling from the loss of rock icon David Bowie. In his honor the Jean Cocteau Cinema put on a show. KSFR correspondent Jeremy Zeilik has an inside look into the movie and fundraiser celebrating the artist's life.

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In this edition of The Sporting Life, host Dan DeFrancesco discusses the approach of Superbowl 50, the first iteration of the big game without roman numerals in its name. 

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KSFR's John Calef brings you local news at noon. 

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Local Solar company Positive Energy announced today it is partnering with global solar technology leader SunPower. By becoming a part of the larger company’s Master dealer’s network, Positive Energy now garners international audience. I asked marketing director Karen Paramanadam to explain in greater deal what this means to a popular local business.

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In late 2014, the US Congress passed legislation to ensure that recipients of Supplemental Security Income could save money for expenses related to improving their quality of life, without affecting their benefits. But each state’s legislature had to approve their own version of the measure to make that opportunity available to their residents with severe disabilities. Last year, New Mexico’s ABLE Act didn’t make the cut, but disability activists say the bill has a better chance this year. KSFR’s Kate Powell asked Disability New Mexico director Jim Jackson about the problem the ABLE act was created to address.

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Just before the New Year, a group of scientists studying river flows in the west released a new paper – and as usual, the news for New Mexico’s water source, the Rio Grande, doesn’t bode well. In fact, the river, which currently doesn’t have any intrinsic rights, could be headed for “permanent drought.” I spoke to journalist Laura Paskus who reviewed the report for New Mexico In Depth.

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KSFR's John Calef brings you local news at noon. 

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Another game commission meeting today meant bad news for the wolf recovery project at Ted Turner’s Ladder Ranch in South central New Mexico. KSFR’s Zelie Pollon was at the meeting and brings us this report.


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Awards season is in full swing. Following the announcement of this year's Oscar nominations, KSFR correspondent Jeremy Zeilik takes you through what might win big at this year's awards.

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KSFR's John Calef brings you local news at noon.

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The issue of Public Banking has been a big topic of discussion in New Mexico, led by our own late and great Craig Barnes and the group We Are People Here! I first spoke with Barnes and Nico Liken on the Radio Café in 2013. At that time Barnes described the growing interest in Public Banking and how it might fit into New Mexico’s economy.

Direct download: 37031_NEWS_BarnesonBanking.mp3
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Encouraged and educated by Barnes and We Are People Here, Mayor Javier Gonzales and the City of Santa Fe launched a feasibility study. That study was conducted by Katherine Updike of Building Solutions and just released this morning in Santa Fe. KSFR’s Deborah Martinez was at the conference at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center and joins us live.

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The 2016 Legislative session begins next Tuesday with a growing number of bills being added to the 30 day Budget session. On the Santa Fe Radio Café with Mary Charlotte, Linda Siegle described a number of the bills already on the Governor’s Call, and some that have been prefiled but may or may not end up on the call, or being germain to discussions in this session.

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This week in Your Money Decisions, host Kate Stalter talks about some very common biases that can be damaging to our financial condition.

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Many Santa Feans know about our five French Archbishops in the 1800’s and early 1900’s. But fewer are aware that New Mexico’s history with French immigrants is much richer, and reaches back to the 16th century. Francois-Marie Patorni became Santa Fe’s unofficial French historian when he moved to the City Different ten years ago. This year, he’s the first speaker in the New Mexico History Museum’s brown bag lecture series. KSFR reporter and lifelong Francophile Kate Powell caught up with Francois-Marie about the surprising impact of French immigrants in the Southwest, and about the book he’s writing on the subject.

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KSFR's John Calef brings you local news at noon. 

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New Mexico has a history of progressive policies around LGBTQ issues. But ours is latest state in which lawmakers have filed legislation that would extend religious freedom to allow anyone to refuse service or facilities to anyone else based on real or perceived sexual or gender identity.  KSFR’s Kate Powell brings us the lowdown on House Bill 55. 

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Adam Sandler's newest comedy, filmed here in New Mexico with not a small amount of controversy, has just broken streaming records. KSFR correspondent Jeremy Zeilik watched The Ridiculous Six so you don't have to. 

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In this edition of Medical Insights with Dr. Erica Elliott, she tells us about the little-known practice of spraying pesticides on airplanes.

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KSFR's Jeremy Zeilik brings you local news at noon. 

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In case you haven’t heard, a group of armed militia have taken over a wildlife refuge in Eastern Oregon. The leaders of the occupation are sons of Cliven Bundy, whose standoff with federal officials in 2014 in Nevada may have emboldened his sons to repeat the effort. Bundy's sons have accused the Bureau of Land Management of harming the livelihood of ranchers--this after two ranchers were sentenced to short prison sentences for setting fires on public grazing land.

The small town of Burns Oregon, population 7,000, has been besieged by gun toting militia men. Others have also flocked to the refuge, including New Mexico’s own Garret Veneklasen. An avid outdoorsman and hunter, Veneklasen is the Executive Director of the New Mexico Wildlife Federation.

Direct download: 011116-GarrettVeneklasenBundyLiveshot.mp3
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For those who may be confused about the Cliven Bundy references or why this is an important issue for New Mexico, we've rerun an interview we first aired in the summer of 2014 with Ryan Lenz with the Southern Poverty Law Center. Lenz had just authored a report for the Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors Hate Groups, called War In The West, on Cliven Bundy and the impact of his actions of western land tensions. We replay that interview now to give context on how right wing militia groups are being emboldened to defy the federal government when it comes to our public lands.

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Many of the world’s poorest people are caught between the cruelties of conventional currency economies and the limitations of barter trade.  Tim Jenkin has helped create a different way to spend and save. He calls it the Community Exchange Service and he explained to Dave Marash on Here and There how the idea has grown from South Africa to more than 40 other countries around the world.

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In this week's edition of The Sporting Life, host Dan DeFrancesco feels like he's getting old as The Kid himself, Ken Griffey Jr., is announced as the MLB's latest Hall of Fame inductee. 

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KSFR's Jeremy Zeilik brings you local news at noon. 

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We’ve been talking to Miranda Viscoli, co-president of New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence. Her organization has launched a petition asking Governor Susana Martinez to support Miguel Garcia’s House Bill 51 to close the gun show loophole. You can access that petition by visiting their Facebook page—just type  “New Mexicans To Prevent Gun Violence” in Facebook’s search bar.

Direct download: 37031_NEWS_Gun_Violence.mp3
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In 2012, growing marijuana for personal use became legal in Colorado. In 2013, laws were passed allowing the first recreational cannabis dispensaries to open. Some, in Colorado’s legislature and beyond, were concerned the move to legalize would create chaos throughout the state, and would encourage teens to use more marijuana. Three years later, as lobbyist and former police detective Howard Wooldridge told Mary-Charlotte on KSFR’s Radio Café, the statistics show this hasn’t been the case. Wooldridge says that might point to the ineffectiveness of prohibiting marijuana and other substances.

Direct download: 37032_NEWS_Potguy.mp3
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Last year's academy award winning director Alejandro González Iñárritu returns this year with his next Oscar bid, The Revenant. KSFR correspondent Jeremy Zeilik brings you his review of this wintry western. 

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KSFR's Jeremy Zeilik brings you local news at noon. 

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On Tuesday evening North Korea successfully detonated what it is calling a hydrogen bomb. The exact kind of bomb is still being debated but the impact on international negotiations and fear levels has been serious.

KSFR asked Nuclear Watch New Mexico Executive Director Jay Coughlin for his response to the test.

Direct download: 37031_NEWS_JayNukes.mp3
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In the wake of the North Korean government's announcement that they have detonated what they claim is a hydrogen bomb, KSFR spoke to Santa Fe resident, filmmaker, and nuclear disarmament activist Gay Dillingham about her take on this revelation. 

Direct download: 37032_NEWS_GayNukes.mp3
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Santa Fe based photographer Jamey Stillings just released a photographic aerial exploration called The Solution of IvanPah Solar, documenting the development of the world’s largest concentrated solar thermal plant in the Mojave Desert of California. He spoke to Mary-Charlotte on KSFR's Radio Café this week about some of the criticisms of alternative energy, the intersections of nature and human activity, and the ongoing critiques of energy development of all stripes.

Direct download: 37033_NEWS_Stillings.mp3
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KSFR's Jeremy Zeilik brings you local news at noon. 

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Officials are still trying to assess the damage following New Mexico’s devastating --what some call “historic” -- snowstorm. New Mexico’s farm service agency wants New Mexicans to know about available disaster assistance.  Farmers and Ranchers have been the most impacted by the snow with estimates that 20,000 head of cattle may have perished.  Molly Manzanares, the state executive director of the new Mexico farm service agency, those numbers are still being researched.


Direct download: 37031_NEWS_AgAsstance.mp3
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2015 was the year several prominent figures were brought to justice for breaking the law.  The most recent case involved former Secretary of State Dianna Duran, who was sentenced for theft of campaign funds to fuel her gambling addiction.  Others included

Joe Anthony Montoya, the owner of Advantage Ashpalt paving company, who was sentenced to 3 years in prison back in February after being convicted of bribery and fraud.  Montoya’s wife Marlene and a former Santa Fe County official named James Lujan avoided jail time and are on probation in connection with the scheme to bribe county officials in exchange for lucrative road-paving contracts.  And, as KSFR’s Deborah Martinez reports, the year ended with a foreclosure sale of some of the Montoya’s properties.

Direct download: 37032_NEWS_Asphalt.mp3
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This week, in Your Money Decisions, Kate Stalter tells us how to protect our money when U.S. stock markets decline - which they’ll inevitably do, at some point!

Direct download: 37033_NEWS_MoneyJan6.mp3
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KSFR's Jeremy Zeilik brings you local news at noon. 

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Attorney General Hector Balderas this week sent a strongly worded letter to the patient services Manager of the State’s medical Cannabis Program expressing concern that the state still was not complying with the Inspection of Public Records Act, or IPRA, over disclosing the names of applicants for licenses to produce and sell medical marijuana. We spoke with Susan Boe, the Executive Director of the New Mexico Foundation for Open Government to help clarify the AG’s request which will be part of a rule hearing this Wednesday in Santa Fe.

Direct download: 37031_NEWS_IPRAPot.mp3
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Terry Brunner is the state director of the United States Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development. We spoke with him yesterday about a local program called Stronger Economies Together or SET. Today we speak to Brunner about a national program to help farmers adapt to climate change and sustainable agriculture.

Direct download: 37032_NEWS_BrunnerPt2.mp3
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Kinshasa is the largest city in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and one of the largest in the world—and it’s not an easy place to live, let alone make works of art. But on a recent episode of HERE AND THERE, KSFR’s Dave Marash interviewed New Yorker magazine reporter Alexis Okeowo about one man who created a thriving, world-class symphony orchestra in Kinshasa. Dave has more.

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Dr. Erica Elliott is back today to discuss a chronic health issue affecting up to 15% of all Americans. 

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With the anti-Muslim rhetoric spreading throughout both the political sphere and discussions around refugees, some Santa Feans wanted to add to the conversation. A roundtable occurring on Sunday is meant to answer questions and hopefully clear up some misconceptions and hopefully, ward off anti muslim language in the land of enchantment.

Direct download: 37031_NEWS_Muslinwomen.mp3
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Terry Brunner is the state director of the United States Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development. The agency has begun a new program to engage communities in their own economic development. It’s called Stronger Economies Together, or SET. I asked Brunner to describe the program.

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A new year means new movies, and KSFR correspondent Jeremy Zeilik is nack with a review of Quentin Tarantino's latest flick, The Hateful Eight.

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Tuesday morning's top news stories from KSFR's Tom Trowbridge.

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Monday morning's top news stories from KSFR's Tom Trowbridge.

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