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On Tuesday evening North Korea successfully detonated what it is calling a hydrogen bomb. The exact kind of bomb is still being debated but the impact on international negotiations and fear levels has been serious.

KSFR asked Nuclear Watch New Mexico Executive Director Jay Coughlin for his response to the test.

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In the wake of the North Korean government's announcement that they have detonated what they claim is a hydrogen bomb, KSFR spoke to Santa Fe resident, filmmaker, and nuclear disarmament activist Gay Dillingham about her take on this revelation. 

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Santa Fe based photographer Jamey Stillings just released a photographic aerial exploration called The Solution of IvanPah Solar, documenting the development of the world’s largest concentrated solar thermal plant in the Mojave Desert of California. He spoke to Mary-Charlotte on KSFR's Radio Café this week about some of the criticisms of alternative energy, the intersections of nature and human activity, and the ongoing critiques of energy development of all stripes.

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