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The issue of Public Banking has been a big topic of discussion in New Mexico, led by our own late and great Craig Barnes and the group We Are People Here! I first spoke with Barnes and Nico Liken on the Radio Café in 2013. At that time Barnes described the growing interest in Public Banking and how it might fit into New Mexico’s economy.

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Encouraged and educated by Barnes and We Are People Here, Mayor Javier Gonzales and the City of Santa Fe launched a feasibility study. That study was conducted by Katherine Updike of Building Solutions and just released this morning in Santa Fe. KSFR’s Deborah Martinez was at the conference at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center and joins us live.

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The 2016 Legislative session begins next Tuesday with a growing number of bills being added to the 30 day Budget session. On the Santa Fe Radio Café with Mary Charlotte, Linda Siegle described a number of the bills already on the Governor’s Call, and some that have been prefiled but may or may not end up on the call, or being germain to discussions in this session.

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This week in Your Money Decisions, host Kate Stalter talks about some very common biases that can be damaging to our financial condition.

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