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Local Solar company Positive Energy announced today it is partnering with global solar technology leader SunPower. By becoming a part of the larger company’s Master dealer’s network, Positive Energy now garners international audience. I asked marketing director Karen Paramanadam to explain in greater deal what this means to a popular local business.

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In late 2014, the US Congress passed legislation to ensure that recipients of Supplemental Security Income could save money for expenses related to improving their quality of life, without affecting their benefits. But each state’s legislature had to approve their own version of the measure to make that opportunity available to their residents with severe disabilities. Last year, New Mexico’s ABLE Act didn’t make the cut, but disability activists say the bill has a better chance this year. KSFR’s Kate Powell asked Disability New Mexico director Jim Jackson about the problem the ABLE act was created to address.

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Just before the New Year, a group of scientists studying river flows in the west released a new paper – and as usual, the news for New Mexico’s water source, the Rio Grande, doesn’t bode well. In fact, the river, which currently doesn’t have any intrinsic rights, could be headed for “permanent drought.” I spoke to journalist Laura Paskus who reviewed the report for New Mexico In Depth.

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