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If you’ve ever overpaid your income taxes, you’ve probably received a tax rebate. That is, if you’re a US citizen. As KSFR learned, many of New Mexico’s thousands of undocumented immigrant taxpayers haven’t received state income tax rebates since 2012. Instead, they’ve received streams of letters claiming they owe New Mexico Taxation and Revenue hundreds or even thousands of dollars in back taxes. 

The issue is the subject of a pair of civil lawsuits against TRD secretary Demesia Padilla, brought by immigrant families, Somos Un Pueblo Unido, and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund. KSFR’s Kate Powell brings you the first in a two-part series on how this problem has taken root, and what’s being done to end it.  

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We’ve heard the statistics about New Mexico: last in job growth, highest unemployment rate, last in child well-being, and most recently, the state fell to 50th in the nation for child poverty.  Governor Susana Martinez’s State of the State address at the Roundhouse yesterday didn’t mention those numbers, and instead painted a rosier picture.  While her speech received rousing applause from supporters, critics shot much of it down, as we hear from KSFR’s Deborah Martinez.

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This week, in Your Money Decisions, Kate Stalter talks about how your emotions can actually help you understand whether you are taking too much risk with your money. That’s especially important at times like these, as stock markets have become more volatile!

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