KSFR's John Calef brings you local news at noon. 

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One local political journalist was taken aback at the Roundhouse Tuesday when he learned that he might not be allowed into the Senate Print Media gallery, because his work is published on a blog.

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All the relatives gone home after the holidays and you’re still longing for a booze-infused game of Risk or Pictionary? Well don’t get your Scrabble tiles all in a heap. KSFR’s Dennis Carroll stopped by the Jean Cocteau Theater’s new Wednesday Games Night, and picked up a few Clues from some of the players.

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KSFR correspondent Jeremy Zeilik brings us this review of one of the Academy Award nominees for best animated picture, Anomalisa.

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SUGGESTED INTRO: For the TWENTY FIVE years it was on air, Nick News explained world events to kids. Linda Ellerbee, the host and writer of Nick News, told KSFR's Dave Marash on HERE AND THERE about how the show got started.

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