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This Sunday, May 8th, LittleGlobe and the Lensic Performing Arts Cenrter present City of Dreamers. It’s a collaborative, student-driven community engagement program featuring short documentary videos, live on-stage radio production and music, and conversations that highlight the voices and stories of Santa Fe Dreamers Project participants, Capital High and other students, families, and residents of Santa Fe’s South Side. KSFR has participated in the project giving journalism trainings and working directly with Youthworks participants to produce radio features for this event.

Today we air a feature created on the establishment of Capitol High School. All the interviews were collected and edited by Youthworks participants and with news Director Zelie Pollon they created this feature on one of Santa Fe’s remarkable, and sometimes misunderstood, local high schools.

City of Dreamers is this Sunday, May 8, at 7 pm at the Lensic Performing Arts Center,for tickets call 505-988-1234, or go to TicketsSantaFe.org, 

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Libya's lack of a functioning government has allowed human traffickers to find a safe home from which to launch would-be refugees to southern Europe. Libyan journalist Mustafa Fetouri told KSFR's Dave Marash on HERE AND THERE these criminals operate a highly-organized network.

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As school winds down for the summer, some of the biggest blockbuster movies of the year hit theaters. The summer movie season kicks off with Captain America: Civil War. Does this Avenger versus Avenger fight stand above the rest? KSFR’s Jeremy Zeilik brings us his review.

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