KSFR's John Calef brings you local news at noon. 

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This spring KSFR brings you a series of short features on older Americans.  Today’s report is on dementia, a rapidly growing disease with no clear strategies for prevention in most cases and no cure in all cases.  Reporter Mary Lou Cooper brings us the story (we recommend you keep a box of tissues close by as you listen). 

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Visitors to the New Mexico History Museum can now travel back in time to experience the colorful and iconic history of lowriders in New Mexico. KSFR's Dennis Carroll has this report.


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The path for refugees from the Middle East to Europe was always difficult; but these days it's pretty effectively shut.  The choke point is Greece. Foreign Policy reporter Alex Clapp told KSFR's Dave Marash on HERE AND THERE, for Greeks already squeezed by a bankrupt economy, the refugee crisis adds a heavy load.

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KSFR has joined several other media outlets across the state in a pilot project to create solutions journalism stories. These are stories focused on problems in our region, and seeking solutions from inside and outside our state. Other partners in this venture include KNME, the Santa Fe New Mexican, The Taos News, High Country news and the Pueblo Chieftan. KSFR’s Mary Charlotte spoke recently with reporter Leah Todd of the Solutions Journalism Network to explain what Solutions Journalism is, and what it’s meant to do.

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Every year, thousands of children are detained by American immigration authorities. A few who are determined to be dangerous are placed indefinitely in juvenile detention centers. Tyche Hendricks of KQED radio's The California Report told KSFR's Dave Marash on HERE AND THERE about how little we know about who makes the judgment and what happens next.

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