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On Tuesday night, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump came to stump in Albuquerque, and protesters were there in force waiting for him, leading to a chaotic evening in the Duke City. Our reporter Joe Gallegos was there, and he brings us this story...

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While Trump supporters and protesters duked it out in the Duke City, On the Democratic front, former President Bill Clinton was in Espanola Tuesday, campaigning for Hillary.  KSFR's Dennis Carroll has the story. 


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Tonight the Santa Fe City Council will vote on two important items: First, the city budget for the coming fiscal year; and second, a proposal that some have called the mayor’s “Pet Project,” to establish a fund to support projects targeting the interconnected issues of poverty and Santa Fe’s green future. Tuesday afternoon Mayor Javier Gonzales gave a press conference in front of City Hall to answer questions about the fund. KSFR’s Kate Powell was there, and brings us this report.

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