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New Mexico’s Primary election is set for this Tuesday.  Democrats and Republicans will get a chance to cast their votes for their presidential nominee of choice, but there are other races and issues at stake as well.  This weekend KSFR’s Nancy Stapp headed to Taos County to see what residents in the Northern District think about this upcoming election.

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In a rare display of bipartisanship, the US Senate has approved two major Federal conservation projects. They await action from the House.  Elizabeth Shogren, a Washington, DC reporter for High Country News, told KSFR's Dave Marash on HERE AND THERE about plans to add water to the Yakima river basin in Washington state and give wilderness protection to 2 New Mexico areas north of Taos.


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New Mexicans took to the road at a record-setting pace last week as the lowest Memorial week gasoline prices in more than 10 years spurred families to launch their own Great American Road Trips. About two and a half million people in western states– according to the AAA Auto Club – were expected to plaster on the sunscreen and head for campgrounds and other vacation spots from sea to sun-dappled sea. KSFR’s Dennis Carroll reports

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