KSFR's Nancy Stapp brings you News At Noon. 

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Santa Feans gathered on the Plaza Monday evening to mourn and celebrate the lives of the 49 people slain early Sunday at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. KSFR's Dennis Carroll was there and has the story. 

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The clock is counting down to the June 23 vote that will decide Britain's future in the European Union. The Associated Press' London Bureau Chief Gregory Katz told KSFR's Dave Marash on HERE AND THERE about the emotions behind many Britons' desire to leave the European Union.

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One might think the spawn of David Bowie would make a truly entertaining film – And he has, a few times. However, Duncan Jones' adaptation of the Warcraft video game franchise is a special, riveting kind of bad. KSFR Correspondent Jeremy Zeilik tells us more.

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The Southwest Organizing Project, a social rights organization in Albuquerque, organized a protest outside the Donald Trump rally last month in Albuquerque. That protest got out of hand, despite the efforts of SWOP to calm those present. According to Javier Benavides, SWOP Executive Director, it wasn’t until police began aggressively trying to disperse the group, that the masses became angry.

Regardless, the organization is now receiving threats, even death threats. I spoke Benavides this morning to hear about the fallout.

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KSFR continues our ongoing feature series on older Americans with a story about a travel scholarship program for family caregivers aged 50 and up.   KSFR’s Mary Lou Cooper brings us the details. 

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What better way to escape the world of endless Hollywood sequels and blockbusters than with a classic film series. KSFR correspondent Jeremy Zeilik Sat down with CCA cinematheque director Jason Silverman to discuss the series.

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