KSFR's Nancy Stapp brings you local news at noon. 

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Yesterday we heard from Albuquerque Journal DC bureau reporter Michael Coleman who has been in attendance at both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions—we checked in with Michael again following the final night of the DNC to hear his impressions of Hillary Clinton’s address, his conversation with New Mexico democratic party chair Debra Haaland, and more. We began by discussing an invocation delivered by Edward Paul Torres, Governor of New Mexico's Isleta Pueblo. 

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And KSFR’s Jeremy Zeilik suggests you take time in the first week of August to treat yourself and your family to the classic animated film The Iron Giant, here’s Jeremy to tell you why.

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The New Mexico  Department of Human Services is in increasingly hot water over 28 years of complaints about its repeated efforts to deny SNAP benefits to eligible applicants.  New Mexico Political Report senior reporter Joey Peters told K-S-F-R's Dave Marash on HERE & THERE how the falsification of DHS records has been a systemic problem.

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KSFR's Nancy Stapp brings you local news at noon. 

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President Barack Obama addressed the floor last night at the Democratic National Convention, electrifying the audience in his efforts to build support for Hillary Clinton. Our own Congressional representatives Ben Ray Lujan and Michelle Lujan Grisham also addressed the audience. Albuquerque Journal Washington correspondent Michael Coleman has been at both conventions and brings us a report about last night’s speakers and a comparison between the two political events. He began with a description of the President's speech.

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Meanwhile, as convention attendees took part in meetings, Martha Burke captured some words by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on power in Washington.

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Tomorrow is the grand opening of this year’s Spanish Market. KSFR’s Kate Powell checked in with David Setford, executive director of Spanish Colonial Art Society, and asked him what’s new at Spanish Market this year. 

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KSFR's Kate Powell brings you local news at noon. 

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Last Night at the Democratic National Convention Former President Bill Clinton shared personal narratives of meeting and wooing his wife, while Sen Bernie Sanders brought his followers to tears as he made a motion to give all delegate votes to Secretary Hillary Clinton. Outside the Convention hall meetings were taking place to discuss strategies to get out the vote, and what policies should be included in a Democratic platform.

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KSFR correspondent Martha Burke is also in Philadelphia, and caught up with Senator Tom Udall. 

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In the aftermath of a failed military coup, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has assumed emergency powers and is purging his military, police and government services. Istanbul-based writer Elliot Ackerman of The New Yorker told KSFR's Dave Marash on HERE AND THERE how Erdogan has been consolidating his power since the failed coup attempt.

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KSFR's Nancy Stapp brings you local news at noon. 

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The Republican National Convention wrapped up last night in a flurry of speeches about the dark days of America. As one New York Times reporter summed it up:

“Mr. Trump sounded much like the unreflective man who had started it with an escalator ride in the lobby of Trump Tower: He conjured up chaos and promised overnight solutions.” We check in a final time with our Santa Fe Republican delegate Samuel LeDoux.

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While the Republicans were gearing up for their final night, Senator Wendy Davis was in town encouraging New Mexicans to vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton. Davis, became famous in July 2013 for famously filibustering for 13 hours to prevent a vote on a bill limiting women’s right to a safe abortion.

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Pokemon Go is the latest mobile phone game to sweep the world after its release, KSFR correspondent Jeremy Zeilik talks to two players about the impact and popularity of the game.

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KSFR's Nancy Stapp brings you local news at noon. 

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Last night once again presented some bumps in the road for the Republican party and it’s nominee Donald Trump, particularly when Ted Cruz was booed off the stage after encouraging delegates to vote their conscience and not necessarily to vote for their nominee Donald Trump. As one politico blogger put it:Cruz’s defiance catapulted the ragged, plagiarism-marred, poorly managed convention into nuclear dumpster fire territory.

That was one opinion.

But things remained optimistic for our delegate Samuel LeDoux, who had nothing but praise for last night’s lineup of speakers.

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Last week KSFR reporter Mary Lou Cooper talked about what women want in a presidential candidate with Kelly Ditmar, a scholar at the nonpartisan Center for American Women and Politics.  This week Mary Lou caught up with Professor Ditmar who is observing gender politics at the Republican National Convention.

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Bernie Sanders was unable to win his party's nomination, but he did force the political world to rethink fundraising. Reporter Ned Resnikoff told KSFR's Dave Marash on HERE AND THERE how Sanders' emphasis on grassroots fundraising challenged traditional methods.

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KSFR's Nancy Stapp brings you local news at noon. 

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We are all convention all the time this week. It’s the biggest news story on all channels, but we want to bring it home to New Mexico. This morning Nancy Stapp caught up with Lt Governor John Sanchez to hear his experience from the convention floor, what he's heard from the Governor herself and whether New Mexico might turn Red this year.

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Last night when it came time for New Mexico to vote for Donald Trump as the GOP presidential candidate, Gov Susana Martinez declined to personally endorse Trump, and instead handed the microphone to Santa Fe delegate Samuel LeDoux, New Mexico’s youngest delegate, and our daily correspondent from the convention floor.

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 So where are those protesters we’ve heard so much about? Well, their appearance has been scant. In the event we were missing protests that mainstream wasn’t airing, we contacted local reporter Mark Naymik with Cleveland.com, the online version of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Here’s what he had to say.

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Cleveland is a city that has had its share of high profile police shootings. Recent shootings from Orlando to Dallas to Baton Rouge only heightened the concern about the potential for violence this week.  But so far, the convention has remained relatively peaceful.  Nothing like the infamous 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago where 10,000 protesters clashed with more than twice as many police and the National Guard.  KSFR reporter Mary Lou Cooper caught up yesterday with a spokesperson for the Cleveland Division of Police.

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KSFR's Nancy Stapp brings you local news at noon. 

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As the Republican National Convention gets underway, we wanted to hear from our own delegates about how things are shaping up on the ground. Delegate Samuel LeDoux checks in from the convention floor. 

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Continuing our coverage of the kickoff of the Republican National Convention, KSFR's Kate Powell checks in with Kevin Niedermier of WKSU in downtown Cleveland at a pro-Trump rally. Niedermier tells us what rally attendees most look forward to as the RNC gets underway. 

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Sometimes it’s good to relax a bit and reflect on your accomplishments. That’s exactly what workers at St. Elizabeth Shelters did this weekend as they celebrated 30 years of helping the down-and-out and finding homes for hundreds if not thousands of Santa Feans. KSFR’s Dennis Carroll stopped by the men’s emergency shelter as well as Saturday's celebrations on the Plaza.

To donate or for more information about St. Elizabeth’s you can visit their Web page steshelter.org or call 982-6611.

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News At Noon 

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It’s not just the weather that’s heating up this summer. We’re in the middle of a political heat wave too.  Presidential nominating conventions are upon us, and all evidence points to a scorching campaign season in the months to follow. KSFR will be taking a look at what’s on the mind of delegates, politicians and voters.  Reporter Mary Lou Cooper discusses the role of women in presidential politics with an expert at the non-partisan Center for American Women and Politics.

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KSFR's Nancy Stapp brings you news at noon.

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Hundreds of New Mexico’s most dedicated child advocates brought their collective energy to bear on the third annual Kids Count Conference in Albuquerque recently.  As KSFR’s Deborah Martinez reports, the group intends to have an impact on the next legislative session in January, as lawmakers wrestle with dwindling cash for education, and discouraging data on children’s well-being in New Mexico.

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Today we continue our Storycorps features with an interview with Rebecca and her father Ernesto who worked on rural electric cooperatives in northern New Mexico.

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KSFR's Nancy Stapp brings you news at noon. 

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With the arrival of weed and bug season, those especially sensitive to herbicides and pesticides are once again pressing Santa Fe officials to further restrict or even eliminate chemical spraying. But it's not an easy sell. KSFR's Dennis Carroll reports.

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KSFR's Nancy Stapp brings you local news at noon. 

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This year’s Folk Art Market has come and gone. We caught up with the artists and organizers yesterday on payout day where artists were attending a resource fair while waiting to finalize the returns for their hard work. The news wasn’t all good.

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The Chainbreaker Collective is an economic and environmental justice organization focused on access to transportation for low-income Santa Feans. Chainbreaker has a big job to do, and now they’re inviting you to help them do it. The collective is launching the Bicycle Resource Center University, a free twelve-week crash course in bicycle mechanics and social justice organizing.

Executive Director Tomás Rivera says BRC University is a response to his organization’s desire to serve more of the Santa Fe community, and the community’s desire to become more involved in that service. 

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Music-minded Santa Feans,  many of whom salsa-danced the evening away,  more than filled the Plaza Tuesday for this summer’s first Santa Fe Bandstand 2016 event. KSFR’s Dennis Carroll was there and brings us this report.

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In many rural communities, access to specialty care represents the biggest health challenge. Since 2003, a groundbreaking initiative at the University of New Mexico has confronted that gap — with promising results in small towns across New Mexico and, now, around the world. It’s called Project Echo, and as KSFR reporter Ellen Berkovitch learned through interviews with its founder, Doctor Sanjeev Arora, the innovative health-care mentoring model is already a game changer for medicine.
Project ECHO uses medical specialists and telecommunications technology to train and mentor health care providers in rural communities. These providers then apply the knowledge they gain to address complex disease processes from Hepatitis C and HIV to diabetes and addictions in their home communities. The model has seen rapid expansion locally, nationally and internationally. Now a Senate bill has been proposed to extend Project ECHO even more systematically throughout the US. Ellen Berkovitch has the story.

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KSFR's Nancy Stapp brings you local news at noon. 

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Santa Fe Public Schools have selected an interim Superintendent following the announcement that current superintendent Joel Boyd will be stepping down. SFPS’ pick? Dr. Veronica Garcia, who currently serves as Executive Director for the advocacy group New Mexico Voices For Children.

Dr. Garcia starts the job August 15. I caught up with Garcia as she was driving from Albuquerque, where Voices For Children is headquartered, to Santa Fe, for a meeting. I asked Garcia if she’ll be maintaining any official connection with New Mexico Voices for Children as she assumes the post of Interim Superintendent with Santa Fe Public Schools.

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Donald Trump is struggling among African American voters, and John Gibbs of The Federalist would like to see that trend change. Gibbs told K-S-F-R's Dave Marash on HERE AND THERE why he agrees with Trump's immigration policies and why African-Americans like himself should support the Republican candidate.

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Nancy Stapp presents Local Santa Fe News at Noon

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After years of work from the late New Jersey senator Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey, bipartisan chemical safety reform has been passed by Congress. National Journal enviroment and energy correspondent Jason Plautz told K-S-F-R's Dave Marash on HERE AND THERE how New Mexico senator Tom Udall picked up where Lautenberg left off and helped the bill become law.

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n Part 1 of our ongoing series of reports on older Americans, KSFR reporter Mary Lou Cooper spoke the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) about an international scheme to turn unwitting senior citizens into drug mules.  The federal Operation Cocoon investigation revealed that 144 older couriers were recruited by drug organizations to ferry illegal drugs overseas.  The majority of these couriers were U.S. citizens.  The average age of these senior drug mules was 59 and the oldest courier was 87 years old.  Today, Mary Lou reaches out to two of the victims of these scams.  The first, a retired pastor from Maine and the second a retired contractor from Arizona.

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Nancy Stapp presents Santa Fe Local News at Noon

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A judge heard closing arguments yesterday in a case alleging Human Services officials altered emergency food applications to deny new Mexico’s poorest citizens access to food. We speak with Reporter Joey Peters who was in the courtroom.

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When we think of international drug smugglers, we likely imagine young, cash-starved men traveling across borders by car or on foot.  But sometimes, the reality is quite different.  As part of KSFR’s ongoing series of features on older Americans, reporter Mary Lou Cooper tackles the issue of senior citizens as unwitting drug mules. 

Today we begin with Part 1 of our report.  Mary Lou focuses on Operation Cocoon, a federal investigation into the recruitment of unsuspecting seniors to carry illegal drugs overseas.  Tomorrow, in Part 2 of this report, we’ll hear from the victims of such scams. 

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Nancy Stapp presents Santa FE Local News at Noon

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Music-minded Santa Feans,  many of whom salsa-danced the evening away,  more than filled the Plaza Tuesday for this summer’s first Santa Fe Bandstand 2016 event. KSFR’s Dennis Carroll was there and brings us this report.

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This week also begins another Santa Fe favorite. The International Folk Art Market, which brings together hundreds of artists from around the world for a three-day extravaganza on museum hill. We spoke with organizers to hear about this year’s event.

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The U-K's vote to leave Europe shocked the world; despite the fact that polls indicated the Leave campaign would win. American pollster John Zogby told Dave why Britain's decision shouldn't have been surprising and how Brexit echoes in American politics.

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Last week, the New Mexico Supreme Court ruled against terminally ill patients who desire a dignified death. The lawsuit,Morris v. New Mexico, was filed in 2012 by the American Civil Liberties Union of New Mexico, and patient rights litigator Kathryn Tucker of the Disability Rights Legal Center, on behalf of two Albuquerque oncologists, and Aja Riggs, a cancer patient living in Santa Fe.

In 2014, the New Mexico 2nd District Court ruled that aid in dying is a fundamental right protected by the New Mexico State Constitution but that decision was overturned the following year by the New Mexico Court of Appeals in a split decision. On Thursday the Court ruled against terminally ill people saying they did not have a constitutionally protected right to have a doctor help them end their own lives.

In light of this ruling, we spoke with Aja Riggs, whose terminal cancer diagnosis inspired her to be among the first to fight for the right to a dignified death in the state. We asked Aja how this ruling impacts terminally ill New Mexicans.

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KSFR's Nancy Stapp brings you local news at noon. 

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In a couple of years, people living on the south side of Santa Fe and beyond will have a new hospital and emergency room built by the nonprofit Presbyterian Healthcare Services.  At the same time, the city’s grand-daddy of hospitals, CHRISTUS St. Vincent Regional Medical Center, will welcome patients to a renovated facility with all private rooms.  As Deborah Martinez reports, the increased competition won’t come without growing pains that will be felt by CHRISTUS and some of its workers, and by patients in Northern New Mexico’s rural areas.

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