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It’s election time and candidates are vying for your vote come November. One of the best ways for voters to understand where candidates stand on any given issue is by participating in candidate forums, says Meredith Machen, president of the League of Women Voters in New Mexico. But in at least one highly publicized case, one candidate for Secretary of State is not responding to requests to participate. She tells reporters she has her reasons including objections to stringent ID requirements. We spoke to Machen about the issue and why participation in these forums is very important.

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In the aftermath of the Orlando shooting, media outlets leapt to report shooter Omar Mateen's claimed connection to Islam. But, over time, most Americans chose to examine the shooter more closely. Brookings Institution pollster Shibley Telhami told KSFR's Dave Marash what he's found out about the perception of Muslims in America.

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