In this new regular Thursday segment, Sandra Fish and Ellen Berkovitch discuss whether Gary Johnson will play spoiler in the presidential election. And spoiler to which side?

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The copper rule adopted in 2013 is one of the best known of Ryan Flynn's regulation legacies at the New Mexico Environment Department. Now New Mexico's highest court will review the controversial guidelines on September 28th. Ellen Berkovitch talked yesterday with Bill Olson, former groundwater quality bureau chief of the New Mexico Environment Department turned citizen activist opposing the copper rule in court.

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For the last twenty years Los Alamos National Laboratories has hosted a competition for teams that respond to hazardous materials emergencies. Teams compete from all over the country. Now LANL has announced the winners. Teams from the New Mexico National Guard earned first and second place, with a team from Sandia National Laboratories Emergency Response Team taking third place. KSFR’s John Calef was at the competition, and brings us this story about what competitors experienced.

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The possibility of a Hillary Clinton presidency raises a question that finds many pundits speculating: What will Bill Clinton do? Newsweek national political correspondent Nina Burleigh told KSFR's Dave Marash on HERE AND THERE Monday that former President Clinton's health might shape the answer.

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Hit supervillain mashup movie Suicide Squad broke August box office records on opening weekend at a whopping $134 million. But KSFR’s Jeremy Zellik is not impressed.

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The chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts Jane Chu was at the Santa Fe Institute for a roundtable with New Mexico Senator Tom Udall. They discussed growing New Mexico's creative economy, which supplies our state with one out of 10 jobs. Earlier this year Senator Udall introduced the CREATE Act—Comprehensive Resources for Entrepreneurs in the Arts.  KSFR correspondent Deborah Martinez was there.

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Jim Obergefell was the lead plaintiff in the landmark case for marriage equality that passed the Supreme Court in June 2015. His recent book, Love Wins, chronicles his marriage to his longtime partner, John Arthur, and the events that led Obergefell to become a civil rights activist working on behalf of LBGTQ equality across the US.

Jim Obergefell appeared in Santa Fe at a August 9th  benefit for Equality New Mexico and the Envision Fund of the Santa Fe Community Foundation.

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Ellen Berkovitch talks to Duane Yazzie, president of the Shiprock chapter of the Navajo Nation, about the situation of the San Juan river water a year after 300 millions of polluted water traveled downstream from the abandoned Gold King Mine in Colorado.

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The proposed users of the Gila River diversion water may not be prepared to pay for the water. So says Laura Paskus, environmental reporter for NM In Depth, in a conversation with Dave Marash. 

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