Unemployment in Grants and Milan New Mexico stands at 9 percent. There are currently three prisons located in Grants and Milan. An employer of roughly 1% of the county’s population has been one of those prisons, the Cibola county correctional facility.

The Cibola county correctional facility will shut on September 30th this year. We to New Mexico Senator Clemente Sanchez about the prison closure which affects his Senate District 30. We also spoke to to Alex Sanchez of the New Mexico Corrections Department about the department’s plans to hire the laid off corrections officers at a job fair in Milan on August 24th and 25th.

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The Clinton campaign seems to have weathered the hacked emails that were leaked just days before the Democratic National Convention.  But it looks like there are more leaks to come.  Shane Harris, senior national security correspondent for The Daily Beast, told K-S-F-R's Dave Marash on HERE AND THERE why Democrats are worried.

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In this week’s Storycorps segment we hear from Emanuel in the Embudo Valley about the fateful day in 1962 that the Cuban missile crisis began.

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Gun violence has been responsible for nearly 900 deaths in the US this year.

More than 240 mass shooting incidents have occurred.

As injury and death by firearms continue at this pace, some activist groups are trying to reduce the number of unwanted guns.

In Santa Fe, New Mexicans for the Prevention of Gun Violence has just launched a new campaign to turn guns into garden tools. Deborah Begel reports.

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