In Politics Thursday Sandra Fish, data journalist for New Mexico In Depth, talks with KSFR's Ellen Berkovitch. They discuss the last-minute audit release for the town of Estancia, NM political advertising campaigns, and more.

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“Our intent is to be incognito and undercover," Stewart Rhodes said, speaking to KSFR’s Mary Lou Cooper about his group the Oath Keepers whom he has urged to go undercover at polling places on November 8th. The Oath Keepers has representation in New Mexico and is active in most United States. Their membership is said to exceed 30,000. The Southern Poverty Law Center reports the Oath Keepers as one of 998 active, extreme antigovernment groups that it identified in 2015. For the second part of this story, KSFR's Mary Lou Cooper spoke with the SPLC's Ryan Lenz.

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In August 2015 the Washington Post reported that shortly after Donald Trump declared his candidacy for president in June, Trump adviser Roger Stone wrote 13-page memo. That memo urged Trump onto a talking point that “the system is rigged against the citizens.”  Trump once uttered the word rigged seven times in just over a minute to describe the US political system.


In August, Trump claims that the presidential election would be “rigged” began to catch fire in his stump speeches, These claims have fed into the views of antigovernment militaristic groups including The Oath Keepers. Elmer Stewart Rhodes, a Yale Law School graduate, founded the Oath Keepers in 2009. The group's manifesto that includes a list of “10 Orders We Will Not Obey.”


On October 25th Rhodes commanded his followers to go undercover to the polls on election day. He spoke to KSFR's Mary Lou Cooper.

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In the tight race for Senate District 39, incumbent Republican Ted Barela of Estancia faces Democrat Liz Stefanics. Both candidates were able to make their case at KSFR's studios in Santa Fe. Sandra Fish was the moderator.

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Appearing on the election ballot this November 8th is a proposed amendment to the New Mexico constitution. Amendment 1 considers the cash bond system that applies to many indigent defendants in New Mexico jails who cannot come up with the cash to pay bail bond. Investigative journalist Jeff Proctor has published a new report at both New Mexico In Depth and for Reveal – the radio show of the Center for Investigative Reporting --  on the cash bond system that is at issue in Amendment 1.

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“The Odds of an Electoral College-Popular Vote Split Are Increasing.” That headline comes from Nate Silver, who this morning posted it on the influential political website FiveThirtyEight.com. Fluctuations in state voting trends reported by pollsters who cover the presidential election can feel like a roller coaster ride, but the outcome of the election does not lie directly with we the people, actually, but rather with the electoral college. Mary Lou Cooper illuminates this 200-year-old system’s mysteries.

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