Two organizations are teaming up to offer free technology training for veterans next Saturday, November 19 at the Albuquerque Veterans Suite. Jenna Marshall speaks to Veteran Gary Kather and 'Teenior' Maxwell Kasperzak.

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The days leading up to November 14 promise a rare opportunity to view the supermoon—the closest, brightest moon since 1948. NASA's Nayessda Castro tells KSFR what to look for.

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La Montañita Co-op’s annual board member election is open until November 14. Member-owners reading the board candidate profiles may be wondering what to make of the "board slate interview process" and "code of conduct" referenced atop each profile.

KSFR's Jenna Marshall asks a Gina Dennis—a lawyer, and an incumbent candidate endorsed by the current board and by the take-back movement-- to explain.


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