In these first days after  the election of Donald Trump as the next US  President large crowds have marched tens of thousand strong in protest across the country. Over the weekend marchers thronged Trump buildings including the future president’s residence -- Trump Tower in New York – where more than 20000 people gathered. In Santa Fe one message resonated strongly: Trump’s vow to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants. KSFR’s Katherine Mast reports from a Saturday event at Cheesemongers that brought out 1000 Santa Feans to have their portraits taken in support of immigrants in Santa Fe.

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Shane Bauer is an undercover investigative reporter for Mother Jones magazine. Bauer spent several months inside of patriotic militia groups, first training with the California State Militia. Next Bauer spent a week on the Mexican border with Arizona with the 3UP, the 3% United Patriots of Colorado.  He spoke to Dave Marash on Here and There last Monday the day before many U.S. voters went to the polls.

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More bad news for smokers. New research out of Los Alamos National Lab quantifies the genetic damage that accumulates with every pack of cigarettes smoked. The research team compared tumor DNA from smokers and non-smokers and identified smoking- specific genetic mutations. KSFR’s Jenna Marshall spoke to Ludmil Alexandrov, who co-authored the study.

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