Top-of-the-hour local news for Tuesday, November 22.

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Our Children’s Trust is an Oregon group that supports youth in bringing legal action in the courts and to state agencies to ensure a stable climate on their behalf of themselves and future generations.

In 2015 a group of 21 young people ranging in age from nine to 20 filed a climate lawsuit in federal court in the District of Oregon against the Obama administration. On November 10th  US District Judge Ann Aiken ruled in favor of the youth plaintiffs.

University of Oregon environmental law professor Mary Wood directs the University of Oregon’s nationally known Environmental and Natural Resources Law Center. She did not have legal involvement in this case. She spoke in Santa Fe last week at a program of the Agrarian Trust, which works to foster land access for next generation farmers. Ellen Berkovitch spoke to her by telephone yesterday.

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Last Thursday in Española, Tewa Women United hosted a solar celebration  of their installation of renewable energy. KSFR’s Dennis Carroll was there.

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Last Friday afternoon, the full-time faculty of the Santa Fe Community College met for the first time to discuss unionization. Jenna Marshall spoke with a full time SFCC professor who is organizing the faculty's conversation about whether they will join the American Association of University Professors (AAUP).

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For the second part of Mary Lou Cooper’s series on compulsive gambling in seniors, she spoke with the New Mexico Council on Problem Gambling. The council's annual budget hovers slightly below $1 million. Its funding comes from the gaming industry including state lotteries, tribally owned casinos, racetracks, and nonprofit fraternal orders that  operate slot machines in their facilities.

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Last month Minneapolis journalist John Rosengren published "The Casino Trap" in AARP Bulletin. The story focused on aggressive marketing tactics that casinos are using to attract seniors. Rosengren explained that seniors fill off-peak hours in many of the casinos.

Mary Lou Cooper brings us part one of this two-part story.

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Tribal members and tribal governments in New Mexico gathered last week at the Res Economic Summit at Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino.

What was on their mind has been on the mind of a lot of Americans: Generating new business. And helping entrepreneurs  to access capital and new markets. News Director Ellen Berkovitch dropped by.

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