Like it or not, there comes a time when you have to name the best film of the year. David D'Arcy says that it's "Moonlight" by Barry Jenkins, which is currently showing at the Center for Contemporary Arts cinema in Santa Fe. Here's his review.

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Today is Politics Thursday with Sandra Fish, data journalist for New Mexico In Depth. She and Ellen Berkovitch preview what’s been pre-filed for the upcoming legislative session, where the sky’s the limit for new bills. But the budget deficit also remains sky-high at a projected $600 million.

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Last winter marked the warmest December through February on record for the lower 48 states. So what’s in store for us this winter?  Mary Lou Cooper brings us the story.

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Yesterday the Taos News reported that the Embudo Valley Library needs support to retain its current level of services such as the services that Lucia Duncan reported on in her October story “It Takes a Library.” Ellen Berkovitch reached Embudo Valley Library director Felicity Fonseca this morning for more on the situation there.

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La La Land is a rare species, a studio musical, set in, and often on the streets of Los Angeles.  New Yorker David D’Arcy fought the Oscar awards traffic jams to see La La Land, which opens Christmas Day at Violet Crown. Here’s his review. 


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Deborah Begel brings us this part two of her reporting on the opioid crisis plaguing communities and families nationwide, and paths out of the darkness.


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Khristaan Villela, director of the Museum of International Folk Art, discusses the Alexander Girard collection and how the designer built it to his own specifications.

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Sandra Fish of New Mexico In Depth discusses the resignation of Taxation and Revenue Department Secretary Demesia Padilla.

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Apprenticeships, as Jenna Marshall reports in this story for KSFR News, are not very well represented in US employment: Roughly two-tenths of a percent of all workers are apprentices, and those people work mainly in the construction trades. But in New Mexico this seems to be changing thanks to the co-incidence of federal money and state initiatives that are applying apprenticeship training to the workforce needs of both employers, and wage earners in our state.

Note: Interviewee Robert Schwartz co-directs the Pathways to Prosperity Network, which works with states to synch education programs with labor markets.

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KSFR recently got a call from Dr. Alison Moriarty Daley of the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners. She spoke with Jenna Marshall, about the latest recommendations surrounding the HPV vaccine. The HPV vaccine protects against the cancer-causing human papillomavirus and is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics for children aged 11 and older.

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Top-of-the-hour, local news for Wednesday, December 21.

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Our new film reviewer is David D’Arcy and this week he covers "Harry Benson: Shoot First" which opened Friday and continues at CCA Cinematheque.

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The first decade of the 21st century has had the second largest extent of drought measured by area, and is the first warmest and fourth driest in the record of measuring drought from 1901-2010.  The 2012 census described the entire 1.6- million acre Hopi reservation as farmland, but with only 1688 acres being used as cropland, and the vast majority as range lands. KSFR’s Deborah Begel spoke to Daniel Ferguson, who leads a collaboration between the Institute of the Environment at the University of Arizona and the Hopi tribe. They discussed the thinking in drought-monitoring and climate science as it applies to the needs of the Hopi.


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NM investigative journalist Peter St. Cyr is well known in Santa Fe for his bylines in the Santa Fe Reporter and his multiple awards for reporting. He has a new job as Executive Director of the New Mexico Foundation for Open Government . "NM FOG" is an organization dedicated to easing the public’s legal right to inspect public records and shining the sun on the workings of government – public government -- at all levels. He spoke with KSFR's Ellen Berkovitch about his new role, and his recent investigation into crooked licensing of medical cannabis operations.



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In January 2017, the Santa Fe City Council will vote on whether to appoint a public bank task force. Such a task force would consist of both city finance officials and local bankers and financiers, all appointed by the mayor.


A public bank would be owned by the City of Santa Fe, and run by professional bankers. The city itself would be the bank’s sole depositor and lender.


Public bank proponents see the bank as a way to keep city funds and the interest on those funds inside the community.  Critics, however, are saying that the city should explore other, more efficient ways to invest its money.


KSFR caught up with James Lodes for a more critical perspective on the public bank. He’s a retired loan officer who also served on a regional planning committee in Ohio. He now lives in Santa Fe, and wrote an editorial in the Santa Fe New Mexican that criticized Santa Fe’s move toward public banking.

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In January 2017, the Santa Fe City Council will vote on whether to appoint a public bank task force. Such a task force would consist of both city finance officials and local bankers and financiers, all appointed by the mayor.


A public bank would be owned by the City of Santa Fe, and run by professional bankers. The city itself would be the bank’s sole depositor and lender.


Public bank proponents see the bank as a way to keep city funds and the interest on those funds inside the community.  Critics, however, are saying that the city should explore other, more efficient ways to invest its money.


Earlier this week KSFR's Jenna Marshall spoke with Elaine Sullivan, of the public bank advocacy group Banking on New Mexico. She asked Elaine where the city is in this complicated process of public bank consideration.

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Congressman Ben Ray Luján called in to KSFR telephone this morning for a conversation about a bill that he sponsored and that passed the House of Representatives last week. The legislation has secured $1 billion in federal funding to combat the opioid epidemic in New Mexico and around the country.

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Adobe Airstream Radio is back with our edition for today. In Music we have a segment about the Moroccan band AZA. In visual art we have a segment about Earl Stroh the Taos Modernist.


-The band AZA will perform at 7:30 p.m. tomorrow December 15th. That will be at Gig Performance Space at 1808 Second Street in Santa Fe.

The band on Saturday goes to the Outpost Performance Space in Albuquerque also at 7:30.


Our visual art segment: The Helene Wurlitzer Foundation of New Mexico was established in Taos in 1956 and the seeds for the Wurlitzer Foundation were planted with Wurlitzer’s sponsorship of Earl Stroh.


-Aaron Payne Fine Art will be co-presenting the exhibition of prints and paintings by Earl Stroh with William Talbot Fine Art. Forty Earl Stroh prints will be shown between the two locations. Aaron Payne is at 213 East Marcy St. in Santa Fe William Talbot is located at 129 W. San Francisco Street #C in Santa Fe. An opening reception will be held next Friday December 23d from 5 to 7 p.m. at Aaron Payne Fine Art, and again that address is 213 E. Marcy St.

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Top-of-the-hour, local news for Wednesday, December 15.
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Last week in Santa Fe the Santa Fe Council on International Relations convened a panel about the international aid sector. One of the participants in An Empathic Globe: The Future of International Aid was Kate Schechter who is president and CEO of World Neighbors. Ellen Berkovitch talked to Kate Schecter in KSFR Studios.

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News stories about opioids often highlight increasing numbers of overdose deaths. Yet the costs associated with addiction for families, communities, and society are equally staggering.  Recent New Mexico and national news reports reveal the escalating need for double or triple the number of current foster families to provide a safe haven for the children of addicts.  And research into the brains of parents high on opioids is beginning to reveal how people can detach from and ignore the needs of children. Reporter Deborah Begel has been looking into the problems and some of the solutions to the opioid epidemic.  We begin with an overview of the problem.

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Last week brought the news the Albuquerque Police Department is under federal investigation. The allegation is that they edited or deleted video footage of fatal shootings by officers.

KSFR’s Ellen Berkovitch interviewed Attorney General Hector Balderas yesterday about his office’s work to improve procedures for the prosecution of police officers involved in shooting cases in New Mexico.

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Top-of-the-hour, local news for Tuesday, December 13.

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Top-of-the-hour, local news for Monday, December 12.

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Late last week President-elect Donald Trump named Scott Pruitt to lead the Environmental Protection Agency. The New York Times described the Republican Mr. Pruitt as a key architect of the legal battle against Mr. Obama’s climate change policies and believer that climate change is a hoax

We reached Erik Schlenker-Goodrich Executive Director of the Western Environmental Law Center for a reaction.

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This month marks 25 years since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Before that the Cold War had gone on since 1947 and defined the existential anxieties of  the 20th century. Fears of a nuclear armageddon that the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 came very close to unleashing.

Last week in Santa Fe, Creative Santa Fe launched a new initiative to talk about nukes, called Disruptive Futures. Katie Mast has the story.


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AdobeAirstream Radio’s Arts Thursday edition for today December 8th. This is our weekly roundup of what’s happening in visual art, film and music in Santa Fe this weekend.

-Krzystof Kieslowski’s "Decalogue" opens Saturday at CCA Cinematheque.

-The new "Alcoves" show opens Sunday at New Mexico Museum of Art and runs through January 29th.

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On Wednesday evening, KSFR’s Dave Marash zoomed in on a county in the north-south stripe across America known as “The Suicide Belt.” The vertical belt includes Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico.

Washington Post reporter Amy Ellis Nutt joined Dave Marash on HERE & THERE to discuss the rise in suicides among middle-aged white women in Durango, Colorado, just north of the New Mexico border.

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Santa Fe has an aging population, and hospital healthcare is an issue many residents feel strongly about. This past Saturday, a community healthcare forum drew about 100 Santa Feans for a panel discussion and comment period about hospital care in the community.

Two central issues were staffing shortages and outpatient support at Christus St. Vincent, which has been Santa Fe’s only general hospital for the past 150 years. The pending arrival of an outpatient-focused Presbyterian hospital was also discussed.

Jenna Marshall spoke with Diane Spencer of the Community Hospital and Healthcare Study group earlier this week.

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New Mexico has more than 5,400 untested rape kits—the highest per capita backlog of any state. In fact the backlog of rape kits in NM is almost double that of Michigan which is the next worst state.

New Mexico State Auditor Tim Keller released a statewide special audit of the “rape kits” on Tuesday in ABQ. Hannah Colton of KSFR was there.

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On Monday at the State Capitol in Santa Fe, community college educators, state legislators and New Mexico state officials gathered. They were there to hear about the first two years of federal funding for eleven New Mexico community colleges delivering certificates and basic skills training to students who didn’t finish high school. The programs prepares students to fill high paying healthcare jobs.

The Santa Fe Community College is the lead institution. Ellen Berkovitch was at the Capitol to learn more.

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In another labor story, Santa Fe County is at an impasse with the firefighters’ union after a year of contract negotiations. The local International association of Fire Fighters 4366 has gone public with a dispute over payscale, sick leave, and overtime.

Jenna Marshall speaks with Pedro Nandino of the local IAFF 4366.


Santa Fe County officials did not grant an interview, but their communications coordinator sent the following email:

"Santa Fe County has a competitive pay and benefits package that compares favorably to other departments in the region.  Santa Fe County has also made consistent and sizable investments in the Fire Department, and is better positioned now to provide emergency fire and medical services than ever before. 

For example: 

  • Santa Fe County’s current career staff totals 77, which is the best we have ever been staffed in the history of the Santa Fe County Fire Department.
  • Santa Fe County supports more paid career firefighters than any other County Fire Department in New Mexico, with the exception of Bernalillo County.
  • In the last seven years, Santa Fe County has built new fire stations to provide our career staff with modern and comfortable living quarters. We have also upgraded a number of volunteer stations to provide safer and more efficient working environments for our more than 250 volunteers.
  • We continue to modernize our fire and EMS fleet and maintain one of the best and most comprehensive fleets in New Mexico.
  • We added three Shift Training Captains in September 2016 to improve and increase the level of fire and EMS training delivered to field staff. This was requested by the Union and fulfilled by Santa Fe County.

With regard to turnover, in the last two years, Santa Fe County has lost nine firefighters.  This does not equate to anywhere near a 40% turnover rate, and is lower than the national average turnover rate. 

With regard to resident safety, Santa Fe County is attempting to realign its staff to those areas of the County generating the highest emergency call volume.  This is an appropriate move to match resources with need.  In addition, Santa Fe County has a robust volunteer program, meaning that trained volunteer firefighters and EMTs are available and able to help respond to high call volumes or extraordinary events. 

With regard to the union’s last proposal, it would not have helped deliver “high quality service” or “improve public safety”, as the union claims.  Rather, the union wants to be paid overtime if taking vacations and other paid leave.  In other words, it wants paid leave to count as hours worked for overtime purposes.  This would come at a cost to the taxpayer, without increasing the number of staff available to respond to calls."

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The full-time faculty of Santa Fe Community College are taking steps toward forming a labor union. Friday marked a particularly big step, as faculty organizers delivered 90 signed unionization cards to the New Mexico Public Employee Labor Relations Board. Professor Marcy Eannarino is heading up unionization efforts through the American Association of University Professors. She dropped by KSFR’s studios yesterday to give us an update.


SFCC President Randy Grisham told KSFR at an outside event that he did not yet have a comment about the faculty’s unionization.

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Top-of-the-hour, local news for Tuesday, December 6.

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Standing Rock erupts in victory celebrations! So the headlines proclaimed yesterday after the Army Corps of Engineers announced it was denying the Dakota Access Pipeline an easement to route the pipeline under Lake Oahe (O-AH-EE) and portions of the Missouri River that provide the Standing Rock Sioux’s water supply.


The pipeline developers responded with an official statement of their intent to "complete construction of the pipeline without any additional rerouting."


Santa Fe civil rights and social justice attorney Jeffrey Haas is in Cannon Ball, North Dakota. Haas is part of legal team representing the water protectors. They have been in place in encampments in Cannon Ball since April to protest this pipeline. They were joined yesterday by several thousand military veterans. Ellen Berkovitch reached Jeffrey Haas by phone this morning.

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Top-of-the-hour, local news for Monday, December 5.

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Creative Santa Fe has launched the Disruptive Futures summit to frame a global discussion in Santa Fe about nuclear weapons and the nuclear threat. The summit kicked off last night with a conversation between former U.S. Secretary of Defense, Dr. William J. Perry, and journalist Eric Schlosser. In 2013 Schlosser authored Command and Control: Nuclear Weapons, the Damascus Incident and the Illusion of Safety, which was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in History.

Former Defense Secretary Perry told Schlosser and the audience at The Lensic last night that the nuclear danger today is more acute than at any time since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.


KSFR reporter Rob Morlino interviewed Dr. Perry on Saturday.

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New Mexico Highlands University was awarded a $2.9 million U.S. Department of Education grant to support students pursuing science, technology, math, and engineering. Gil Gallegos, a professor of computer science and engineering, tells KSFR how the money will be spent.

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This week, the U.S. Department of Energy and Los Alamos National Laboratory announced plans to re-package 60 barrels of radioactive waste next spring. The containers have been under surveillance since 2014, when one barrel ruptured and forced the shut-down of a waste isolation plant south of Carlsbad, NM.

Jenna Marshall reached out to the Los Alamos Study Group to ask about the significance of the re-package, and future implications for the national lab. As of air time, there was no response from the Department of Energy.

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Top-of-the-hour local news for Friday, December 2.

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Edition One of our new weekly roundup of what’s happening in visual art, film and music in Santa Fe this weekend.

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Today, December 1, is World AIDS Day-- a day to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS. This year marks the 35th anniversary of the first published reports of what would come to be known as HIV/AIDS.  This disease has caused more than 35 million deaths around the world.

In the United States, 675,000 people have died of AIDS-related illnesses. Today, infection is on the decline, but more than 1.2 million people still live with HIV. Roughly 1 in 8 people are not aware they carry the virus.

KSFR's Jenna Marshall spoke to Jim Graham of the Southwest Care Center to discuss the face of HIV and AIDS in Santa Fe and greater New Mexico.

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Sandra Fish is our colleague and the data journalist at New Mexico In Depth. She joins us most Thursdays to talk all things politics. Today is no exception.



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Yesterday President Elect Donald Trump nominated House Budget Committee Chairman and six-term Georgia Representative Tom Price for secretary of Health and Human Services. The Atlantic reported this morning that Donald Trump’s plan to repeal and replace Obamacare began in with this nomination of Price who has been one of the most consistent opponents of the Affordable Care Act in Congress.

Last week Dave Marash interviewed Matthew Reichbach who is editor in chief of New Mexico Political Report on where Governor Susana Martinez has stood on Medicaid and Medicare. More than 40% percent of New Mexicans benefit from the programs.



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Defenders of wildlife has been an environmental nonprofit since 1947. It has a new office in Santa Fe and a mission to call the community to action around issues from wildlife trafficking to environmental advocacy and hands on habitat restoration. Katherine Mast has the story.

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