Tomorrow is February 1st and that means that tax season is upon us.

We kick it off Mary Lou Cooper’s new consumer affairs series on tax scams and schemes with this story about how to choose a tax preparer and what to look out for.

In Part 2 of this series we’ll take a look at IRS impersonators.

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Full disclosure is a phrase we use in journalism . And full disclosure of the moneys lobbyists are spending both to influence elections and the passage of bills is a subject Sandra Fish has been covering for New Mexico In Depth and for us at KSFR 101.1 FM at the New Mexico Legislative this session.

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Donald Trump’s immigration ban has barred citizens of seven Muslim majority countries from entering the US for the next 90 days and suspended all refugee admissions for the next four months.

Santa Fe Mayor Javier Gonzalez is holding his ground after President Trump signed an executive order threatening to withhold federal funds from so-called sanctuary cities. Gonzalez says Santa Fe won’t be coerced into enforcing federal immigration laws. And he is not the first New Mexico politician to make national headlines for taking such a stand.

KSFR’s Hannah Colton takes a look at the long history of New Mexicans providing refuge to migrants.

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Tomorrow January 31st at 11:59 pm. Marks the deadline for Open Enrollment in the Health Care Exchange. That is the private marketplace for health care where depending on your income you can learn about what subsidy you qualify for to help defray the cost of your health insurance premiums. I spoke last week with Be Well NM interim CEO Linda Wedeen.

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 Milo Yiannopoulos’s college campus speaking tour is titled The Dangerous Faggot. Yiannopoulos is the gay outspoken Donald Trump supporter and Breitbart editor. He was born in Greece, educated in Britain and now lives in the United States. He was banned from Twitter for racist trolls.

 The tour name The Dangerous Faggot is stenciled on the side of the tour bus that Milo Yiannopoulos travels in. On Friday Yiannopolous’s tour pulled up at the University of New Mexico in ABQ. He was invited to speak there last last year by College Republicans, a campus group. Yiannopoulous’s UNM Friday appearance followed on events at the University of Colorado at Boulder and in Colorado Springs.

 KSFR reporter Joe Gallegos was press accredited to enter the Student Union where Yiannopoulos was giving his talk but he was not permitted to enter. He instead stayed outside amid a group of protesters whose numbers were said to be between 200 and 250. Here is Joe Gallegos’s report.


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 Elle, with Isabelle Huppert, is the first feature by the director Paul Verhoeven after ten years. It’s his first film in French, a disturbing look at a successful woman whose life comes apart after she’s attacked. Huppert is nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress  for her role in Elle. Elle is playing at the CCA. David D’Arcy has this review.



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On Sunday, a new film about Rio Arriba County activist Linda Pedro will be shown in Espanola. The screening of that film, La Casa Linda, will take place at 2 p.m. Sunday at Moving Arts Espanola. That’s at the old Ohkay Owingeh casino on Highway 68.  Linda Pedro was in a bad car accident in Colorado when she was in her early 20s.  She spent the rest of her life fighting for the rights of the disabled and other causes dear to her heart.  Deborah Begel talks with Peter Malgrem, who lived next door to Linda Pedro in Chimayo for 46 years.

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Millions of Americans regularly attempt to clean up their diets and exercise more. And here in the Southwest those who want to chart a new physical course have a guide in the Pueblo Food Experience: Whole Food of Our Ancestors. Santa Claran artist Roxanne Swentzell founded the flowering Tree Permaculture Institute at Santa Clara, and the idea for the book sprouted in her garden. You’ll hear the voices of Roxanne Swentzell and co-editor Dr. Patricia Perea in this report. Along with that of Dr. Annette Rodriguez. Roxanne’s son historian Porter Swentzell also contributed to the book. Deborah Begel has this report from their appearance at Collected Works Bookstore and Coffeehouse.


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What opportunities are at hand for the US workforce is a subject dominating the national news. In New Mexico there are new measures being put in place to open pathways to high paying jobs without a college education.

 We ran part 1 of Jenna Marshall’s two part series on Apprenticeships back in December. Today in Part 2 we focus on how apprenticeship training that has been focused on training people in construction trades is being applied to new industries. 


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We’ve been looking regularly at how legislators and policy wonks think New Mexico’s $69 million budget deficit can be closed. Today we take a look at what New Mexico’s voters have to say about the options that have been placed on the table. The polling firm Research and Polling Inc. conducted a poll of 402 registered New Mexican voters in December. The results were released yesterday at a press conference at the Roundhouse. Sandra Fish was there.


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David D'Arcy reports live from the 33d Sundance Film Festival that the snow is excellent, and the documentaries are better than the feature films. He covers An Inconvenient Sequel, which aligns with the festival's theme of climate change and environmental action, as well as City of Ghosts; Cries from Syria; Icarus; and Long Strange Trip. D'Arcy's pick for best of the festival so far: Alexandre O. Philippe's 78/52, or everything you wanted to know about Hitchcock's shower scene in Psycho.


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Paul Gessing is president of the libertarian think tank the Rio Grande Foundation. He was here with us at KSFR as part of our live panel on Election night last year.

KSFR’s Rob Morlino spoke to Paul Gessing about the New Mexico budget crisis, education and the impact that the Rio Grande Foundation foresees the change in presidents and the Republican Congress will have on New Mexico.

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An all-sound, no narration segment on the Women's March on Washington Santa Fe.

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Sandra Fish reports.

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Joe Gallegos reports.

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Deborah Begel reports.

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Ray Kroc, the man who made the Big Mac famous, might be more famous for the line, “I’m not in the hamburger, I’m in the real estate business.”


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Ciel Bergman was a painter who moved to Santa Barbara to Santa Fe in 2006. Her death last Saturday set off a wave of reminiscences and tributes to her on social media. KSFR spoke with Tasha Ostrander and Ben Lincoln of Brave Art Consulting.

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Last night Creative Santa Fe unveiled preliminary designs for the Arts and Creativity Center, a live work development of artists’ affordable housing that is being planned for city-donated land on Siler Road. This project has been in the works for several years now. Deborah Begel reached Creative Santa Fe Executive Director Cyndi Conn this morning for more.

The developer of this affordable artists’ live work-space will be throwing the project’s hat into the ring of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit. In New Mexico that tax credit is part of a federal subsidy that is distributed to the states based on popular. It is administered in New Mexico by the Mortgage Finance Authority and a decision on the funding is expected in April.

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Yesterday was opening day at the New Mexico State Legislature. Governor Susana Martinez delivered her state of the state address. Sandra Fish was there and has this report on what the governor said. Then she caught up to five freshmen legislators for their responses.

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There were notes of hope tucked inside the latest report on child well-being in New Mexico that was released yesterday on the first day of the state legislature. Advocates hope that both the gains, and areas that still need improvement, will spur lawmakers to provide more funding to fight Child poverty – a persistent problem in the state. As Deborah Martinez reports, the KIDS COUNT report shows children’s health has improved, but in several other indicators, New Mexico remains second to last among the states.

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This fall, in the course of reporting on the problem of compulsive gaming in seniors, KSFR learned that some people who have this problem may be adversely affected by drugs used to treat Parkinson’s Disease and Restless Legs Syndrome.

Mary Lou Cooper goes deeper into the story and a proposal to amp up the warnings on the medications and inform consumers.

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With this news feature we launch Conversations with Writers as a continuation, with a twist, of our effective activism series that we’ll be continuing over the first 100 Days of the Donald J. Trump presidency Melissa Chadburn was a longtime organizer with SEIU the Service Employees International Union. SEIU represents 1 and a half million public service workers including hospital staff, nurses, building service providers and security guards. She is a writer who has written for Guernica, Buzzfeed, Jezebel, American Public Media’s Marketplace, Al Jazeera America, and dozens other places. She is a fellow with the Economic Hardship Reporting Project.

At Dame she published an article, If You’re In the Fight, Get Ready to Do the Work on January 3d. She begins by reading from her essay.

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A growing body of research shows that kids who enroll in quality pre-kindergarten programs are likely to do better in grade school and beyond. Those benefits prompted the New Mexico Early Childhood Development Partnership to set an ambitious goal: they want 80% of New Mexico’s 3-and-4-year-olds in pre-K by about 2020 – a big jump from the 30% currently enrolled.


How to make that happen was the focus of a statewide Pre-K summit in Albuquerque last week. The event came as several pre-K funding proposals were already on the table, both in the city of Santa Fe and in the state legislature. KSFR’s Hannah Colton has more… 

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Deborah Martinez reports.

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Deborah Begel reports the At Noon newscast for 1/12/2017.

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Deborah Begel reports the At Noon Newcast for January 10, 2017.

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Deborah Begel reports the At Noon newscast for 1/9/17.

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Dr. Sarah Adams describes a new clinical trial for ovarian cancer patients with recurrent disease, at the UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center.

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Derrick Toledo interviews a UNM student and formerly homeless Native American woman from Chinle, Arizona, about her path to nonviolent resistance on this 2017 Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

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David D'Arcy reviews Burn Country.

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Brian Egolf, Speaker of the New Mexico House, speaks to Deborah Begel.

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Clip five of featured news for January 12th.

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Clip four of featured news for January 12th.

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Clip three of January 12th feature news content.

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Clip two of January 12th feature content.

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Clip one of feature news for January 12th.


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Deborah Martinez reports from the Gerontology Association conference.

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Part 3 of NRDC's press conference

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Part 2 from the NRDC Press Conference

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Clips from an NRDC press conference concerning how the council is preparing for the incoming Trump administration.



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Mary Lou Cooper speaks with Senate Minority Leader Stuart Ingle.

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Katherine Mast brings KSFR the story on the wildlife motion-sensing tracker that ABQ BioPark has set up in the Sandia Mountains.

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Mary Lou Cooper interviews Senate Majority Leader Peter Wirth.


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Derrick Toledo reports on the Dakota Access Pipeline protests for our Effective Activism series. When existence is threatened, how do we resist?



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The U.S. Small Business Administration recently announced a competition of 1.2 million dollars that will be invested in organizations that would like to help people coming out of jails and prisons start their own businesses.  Called the Aspire Challenge, it builds on the momentum of a public private partnership announced last August among the Small Business Administration, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and microlender Justine Peterson.  The idea is to provide entrepreneurial training, education and microloans to help formerly incarcerated individuals to take an idea and turn it into a business.  Deborah Begel talked to Tameka Montgomery, Associate Administrator for the SBA’s Office of Entrepreneurial Development to find out more about the program.

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"Ghostland: The View of the Ju’Hoansi" takes you on the travels of bushmen from Namibia. It’s now at the Center for Contemporary Arts cinema in Santa Fe. David D’Arcy says there’s wisdom in this film, even laughs. Here’s his review.

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 Top-of-the-hour, local news for Friday, January 6.
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As New Mexico prepares for what many of us hope will be snow, we tune to AdobeAirstream Radio—our Thursday arts segment—for the pleasures of TV. Tara Walch won a Rocky Mountain Emmy award for a segment of "Colores!"  that was dedicated to Pueblo Bonito. The show will air this Saturday, January 7 at 4 p.m. on New Mexico PBS.


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Nellika Little has over 18 years of international work experience in conflict and post-conflict contexts. She has worked in Afghanistan and in Turkey on programming for Syria. She grew up in Afghanistan. She has also worked in Mongolia, Kosovo and South Sudan on international development and humanitarian projects. She and Ellen Berkovitch discuss both the promises and the pitfalls of social media as a tool for activism inside a context in which many international conflicts have lasted a long time, and require the public to not only have opinions, but to be deeply informed.


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Questions of ethics didn't just dominate the national headlines this week. For Politics Thursday, Sandra Fish and Ellen Berkovitch discuss the way ethics will play out in the upcoming NM legislative session.

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Top-of-the-hour, local news for Thursday, January 5.

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Top-of-the-hour, local news for Wednesday, January 4.

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 Aha. You may think the holidays are over. But as KSFR’s Derrick Toledo reports in this story about two brothers who are Native singers who travel New Mexico, ritual continues.

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Mary Lou Cooper interviews Pat Rosenstiel of National Popular Vote on the movement to make the election of the President go to the winner of the popular vote.

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Top-of-the-hour, local news for Tuesday, January 3.

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"The Last Mile of Health Care." That’s a phrase that Dr. Sanjeev Arora applies to this fact: Across the United States only 10 percent of physicians practice medicine in rural settings.


Dr. Arora founded Project ECHO at the University of New Mexico in 2003. As we first reported here at KSFR News last summer, ECHO is now an international health care model that is set for a nationwide expansion.


In mid-December President Obama signed the Echo Act into law. It passed the House of Representatives unanimously and the Senate by 97 to zero.  The Senate bill’s co-sponsors included NM senators Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich.


News Director Ellen Berkovitch reached Dr. Arora for an update on the project.

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Alan Webber, the founder of One New Mexico, drafted a "First 100 Day Resistance Agenda" which Former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich adapted and published in November. KSFR's Jenna Marshall caught up with Webber yesterday to ask what's on the Agenda. Why resistance now?

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