In December 2001, CNN obtained over 1500 tapes recovered from Osama bin Laden’s compound in Kandahar, Afghanistan. They featured voice recordings of bin Laden as well as of numerous Al-Qaeda operatives.


Today, President Trump’s executive orders restricting travel have rekindled the debate on counterterrorism methods. Scholars like UC Davis Associate Professor Flagg Miller continue to examine the bin Laden’s motives and those of other Al-qaeda leaders. Miller discussed his research in a talk sponsored by the School for Advanced Research on the tapes on January 26.


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Last summer an explosion started a fire at a WPX Energy site, an oil production site off US Highway 550 south of Nageezi. The fire burned five days and forced more than 55 evacuations from residents of the Nageezi chapter of Navajo Nation

Derrick Toledo reports today on the BLM recent sale of new leases of land for oil and gas exploration near Chaco Culture Historical Park.

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A flier urging voters to vote no on a bond issue benefiting public schools in Santa Fe appeared in residents mailboxes Saturday. It was an anonymous dark money mailer sent by an unknown entity – probably an organization or a group.

SFPS Superintendent Veronica Garcia was in the KSFR studio last week to discuss the $100 million GO Bond.

We reached her again this morning for comment on the mailer.


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