The Red Turtle is the animated story of a shipwreck that begins the journey of finding one’s place in the world, even if that place is a deserted island. It’s playing at the CCA. David D’Arcy has this review.

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The New Mexico School for the Arts is set to become the anchor tenant of Santa Fe’s Railyard Arts district occupying the Sanbusco Center property. NMSA has coordinated with Creative Santa Fe, the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce, and the Santa Fe Arts Commission to invite Greenville, SC, mayor Knox White to Santa Fe next Wednesday to speak on arts students’ role in urban revitalization. Greenville’s municipal population at about 70,000 is roughly equal to that of Santa Fe. 

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Last weekend more than 169 graves in a Jewish Cemetery in St. Louis were vandalized. On Monday, bomb threats were called in to eleven Jewish Community Centers across the United States, including one in Albuquerque.  They turned out to be hoaxes; the FBI however is investigating the incidents.  This marks the third wave of bomb threats this year against 54 Jewish community centers in 27 states and one Canadian province. 

Deborah Begel interviews Suki Halevi, the New Mexico regional director of the Anti-Defamation League or ADL in Albuquerque about what happened after the Jewish Community Center in Albuquerque received the bomb threat.

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This week US Senator Martin Heinrich joined the Taos Pueblo Warchief, outdoor guidesmen, and leaders from Northern New Mexico to celebrate the more than one and a half million acres of public lands in the region.

On Tuesday morning hundreds of people from around Taos packed themselves into a local brewery - the event was put on by a coalition of environmental groups and was touted as keeping public land in public hands. Of course we know that Senator Heinrich has been a long time advocate of public lands and since Trump took office there has been talk of privatizing those lands, and doing undoing the designation of two national monuments here in New Mexico that garnered protection from President Obama under the antiquities act about five years ago. One of those is the Oregon Mountains Desert Peaks in southern New Mexico and the other one is the Rio Grande del North National Monument near Taos which came about through a lot of hard work and collaboration between our tribal leaders on the pueblo, environmental groups, acequia associations, outdoor guides, town government, senator heinrich and of course obama. so to get things going, the war chief Curtis Sandoval from Taos Pueblo who’s duty it is to protect and manage natural resources for the tribe, opened the gathering with a prayer in his native tongue of Tiwa and then he went on to talk about how in uncertain times we have to stay united and work together.


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