In a time of uncertainty over what’s in store for the Affordable Care Act, health insurance providers on the state’s health exchange are certain of one thing, they’ll be hiking their individual policy premium rates. 

KSFR’s Ellen Lockyer has more.

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In Washington, the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources heard testimony last week about the work of the Department of Energy’s 17 national laboratories, including Los Alamos and Sandia National Labs in New Mexico.

Senator Martin Heinrich, who is a member of the committee, says both labs play critical roles in both national security and development of advanced energy technologies. The Democrat spoke of the need to make it easier for the private sector to engage with national laboratories to commercialize innovative technology.

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Looking back at New Mexico’s weather during summer 2017—referring here to meteorological summer, consisting of June, July and August—Albuquerque National Weather Service Warning Coordination Meteorologist Kerry Jones describes it as variable. Jones adding that your assessment of summer really depends upon what part of the state you’re in.

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