Join me for an exciting conversation with Sarah Pierpont, supreme master organizer of this grand event who has been putting this together for the last 13 years! Fashion show starts Friday  at 7 PM Friday night and the event goes through the weekend with fun free creating for all! Had to their website for more information!



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MEOW WOLF. Meow what’? Yes, like kitty - meow meow, dog - wolf… MEOW WOLF… Join me as I speak with Santa Fe native, and Meow Wolf Chief Brand Officer, Emily Montoya about being part of one the nation’s leading cutting-edge artistic enterprises born right out of Santa Fe - MEOW WOLF!!! And why they’re celebrating tonight! Yes, It’s the release party for their new documentary THE LIVING THING – MEOW WOLF ORIGIN STORY – the behind the scenes story to how and why it all began and what it’s taken to get there! And we also find out where they are going from here! Don’t miss this special Wake Up Call segment, their celebration, TONIGHT, Thursday November 29th 9pm-12am with a host of exciting acts including Chromeo DJ Set , Doja Cat , Gilligan Moss , Nick Monaco
And definitely don’t miss the documentary available online via Meowwolf.com starting Friday, November 30th!




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