General Assembly Meeting held with City Councilors, Mayor Webber and other officials. 

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As students, administrators and teachers return to in-person learning, perspectives on education are changing. KSFR's Georgina Hahn spoke with current Santa Fe High seniors and head administrator at the Turquoise Trail Charter School. 

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Governor Lujan Grisham's continued to oil and gas drilling has resulted rising opposition. KSFR's Georgina Hahn spoke to activist Julia Fay Bernal and photographer Cara Romero and heard their perspective on the Landback movement. 

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A City Council Update from Wednesday's governing body meeting. Topics discussed were the Midtown Campus, a COVID Update, and an arch. 

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The author of The Ecology of Herbal Medicine and director of The Yerba Mansa Project sat down with KSFR's Georgina Hahn in her medicinal garden. Her community driven preservation's effort create a cycle of positivity. 

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An update on the City Council Meeting held Wednesday March 31, 2021. Topics discussed included the Midtown Campus and COVID updates. 

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KSFR's Georgina Hahn takes a look at the disparity between a multi-million dollar art market, and the work of artists in the Santa Fe Community.

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